I’ve got a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. I’m on LinkedIn and got several different email accounts with SEO, and PPC with more than a dash of OMG but the phone’s not ringing – Marketing simply a fluke?

Over 25 years ago the World Wide Web was first created, and since then has COMPLETELY changed the way we do business FOREVER.

Today there are well over 2 Billion regular users, it has NEVER been more important in Business to BE ONLINE!

However, in the ever increasing SEA OF SAMENESS how can you possibly compete, Stand out from everybody else and be successful?

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Robyn Robertson… shall deliver a 40 minute interactive Keynote on Uniqueness and your Category of 1

We all know the well know saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”  However, with the average decision making time for an internet user to determine if YOU are the right answer to their solution dropping to less than 15 Seconds!  It’s NEVER been more important to Make the RIGHT Impression a LASTING IMPRESSION


Tracy Waddacor… shall deliver a 40 minute interactive Keynote on World Class Customer Service

If the phone ain’t ringing,…….PICK IT UP!”  Too many people remain reliant on customers old and new remembering WHO you are and WHEN to do business with you, yet more than 80% of Business owners are failing to accurately and effectively communicate with both prospects and customers


Liz Couchman… shall deliver a 40 minute interactive keynote on Telesales/Tele Marketing and the importance of regular communication with your clients

Google have previously announced that as much as 99% of email traffic is SPAM! And with the increase of automation SPAMBOTS and HOAX, it could be easy to dropped from a priority Client and into a SPAM FOLDER


Traci Williams… shall deliver a 40 minute keynote on the importance of data collection, what why and when to use what you’ve got to remain a firm favourite with your list

But its an ever changing world, how on earth will I ever keep up with everything?



Amanda Dodd… shall deliver a 40 minute keynote on the internet/social media trends, what’s HOT and what’s NOT, where you should be focusing your attentions and why it’s so important to do so

I’ve got LOADS from today, but I’ve got a Business to run, it all sounds great, but I haven’t got a clue where to start!



Jay Allen… shall deliver a 60 minute interactive keynote entitled WARNING: Your Marketing Might Just Work in which he’ll share the Secret Arts of HIGHLY Effective Communication to ensure you leave understanding exactly WHAT to do first to make the biggest impact and how to continue doing it to see transformational results

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