How to make your WordPress Website G.D.P.R. Ready?

How to make your WordPress Website G.D.P.R. Ready?

Website SecuritySeveral of our clients are asking more and more about G.D.P.R. and how it will affect their website.

G.D.P.R. is coming into effect by 25th May 2018 and you need to make a start on becoming “G.D.P.R. Ready”.

I have created a list of things you will need to put into place on your Website below;

1. Collecting data from the form(s)

a) You will need to add a disclaimer underneath each of your forms to advise your users what you will be doing with their data once they have filled in a form.

b) To sign up to your Email Newsletters you will need to add an opt-in form to your website that will allow them to accept (or not) your emails.

c) Add Re-Captcha software to each form so you know if the person filling in the information is a human or a bot. It where you will see a mixed set of letters and number to type in before submitting a form. Find out more here >

d) Easy removal from your Email Newsletter; this can be from the email client to the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

2. Privacy Policy

Add a Privacy Policy to your website so you can alert the users of your website what kind of data you are collecting from your website about them and how you are going to be using it.

More information about Privacy Notices > Updated 25/05/2018;

3. Business Terms and Conditions

Add your Business Terms and Conditions to your website so people can read them in advance of working with you.

You will also need Terms and Conditions of Use, for using your website.

Your G.D.P.R. Statement will be a separate document and can be put within your Privacy Policy.

3. Cookie Policy and Pop Up Notice

If you use Google Analytics or other analytical software to understand how your website is built you will need to tell your users that you are doing this as it collects I.P. information.

a) The Cookie Pop Up asks your users if they are OK with your website collecting this kind of information

b) The Cookie Policy tells you user how you will be using this information

You can use Cookie Control for a lot of different types of websites.

Find out more about Cookies here:

Free WordPress Cookie Plugins include;

5. S.S.L. – Secure Socket Layer

A Secure Socket Layer establishes an encrypted link between a web server (where your website sits) and a browser (where you view web pages). Otherwise known as the padlock in the address bar at the top of the browser.

There are a few reasons why you should have an S.S.L.:

a) So that you are not marked as “non-secure” – This is even for when you don’t sell anything

b) If payment is taken from your website, it protects the user

6. Additional Security

If using WordPress, you can use a variety of security plugins that will block certain files and information from the Internet.

These can be free, but you can go pro with a lot of them with prices starting from $99.00.

Free WordPress Security Plugins includes;

The free versions of security will look after minimal security but if you wanted to go for something a lot stronger you should look at Sucuri, which goes deeper into the level of security it deals with.

7. Always update

When using WordPress or other C.M.S. (Content Managed System) Software, you should ensure that you are as up to date as possible.

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How to choose a Web Designer? 17 Point Checklist!

How to choose a Web Designer? 17 Point Checklist!

Choose a web designer - 17 point checklistAnyone can build a website and say they can too, but delivering one that is to your specification, on time and that gets you business is a VERY different story.

As you can appreciate, we hear a lot of different stories about websites from working with many different types of businesses and thought this would be a useful checklist to help ensure you are speaking to someone who can deliver your requirements.

    1. Ask about their experience. Their PERSONAL experience!
    2. Have they got their own website – saying “they are working on it” is not good enough
    3. Look into the company, if they are IT they are still not web. IT and web goes hand in hand as we need computers to make websites and an IT person could make a website, in fact ANYONE could make a website….
    4. Do they have a processes to manage you to the end of your project
    5. Review testimonials and case studies
    6. Find them on Linkedin to review their profile. Does it reflect the experience they have just told you about?

(The first 6 Points explained – 21 minutes 34 seconds)


    1. Do you have a specification for them to work from?
    2. Do they meet with you face-to-face or is it all over the telephone? Which do YOU prefer?
    3. Think about the kind of relationship you want to have with them.
    4. Can they answer your questions clearly for you? Another way of putting it is… do they speak English or jargon?
    5. Are they “yes” men/women? They could promise you the earth but deliver nothing to you
    6. Do they have rules of engagement? Terms and conditions, ways of working with them, how will they bill you, etc…

(The second 6 Points explained – 23 minutes 07 seconds)


  1. Ask about how the business came to be
  2. After Care and Maintenance – Are they going to build and walk away or tidy up after themselves by having you give them a fix list
  3. Do you like the cut of their jib? There is no point in working with someone you are not keen on!
  4. How many questions do they ask you? It should feel like you are being interrogated. Are they keen on understanding you and your business?
  5. How else can they help you and your business? A website cannot just be built and left for the customer to find you, you must have a plan to execute to get people to your website!

This list highlight the level of interest and understanding a GOOD web designer needs to have in your business, in order for them to be able to create a website that truly reflects your business. You are in control of your websites’ future, don’t leave it in the hands of someone who doesn’t care about or understand your business. Ask questions, dig deeper and make sure they are the right web designer for YOU and your business!

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[Video] 4 Tips to think about when updating your website

When was the last time you updated your website? And I’m not just talking about updating your blog or adding a twitter widget to your site.

In this video I will give you 4 tips that you need to think about when you come to updating your website. Your website is a working document and things change over a period of time, you just need to make sure it is up to date and not putting people off!

Thanks for watching! Please leave a comment to let me know what you think and/or if you have any other tips for our viewers…

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Do you LOVE your website?

Do you love your website?We are constantly looking at our website on how to improve the user experience of it, the message we want to get out about us and the functionality needed for those who would like to work with us.

When we design and build websites we want our clients to look at their sites and say “I love my site”, be proud to show it off and not say “Oh, don’t look at it, it needs updating”. By spending time every week looking at our website we have created an update list and a wish list of design changes, call to action tweaks and functionality add ons that we would like to do ensuring our site is working perfectly and giving out the right message to the right people.

I have heard recently of web designers that don’t have their own website, which I find a little strange but at the same time understand why. By not having a site, you are not going to be found and people cannot see you as a business or supplier they could work with. On the flip side, whist constantly building websites it is hard to get the time to look at your own and change it for the better.

We usually redesign our site every 2 years (last designed December 2013) to keep it fresh and the brand a live, enhancing it every time. So I would like to ask you;

When was the last time you looked at your website with pride or with an understanding that it needs to be updated in some way?

We recently helped a client with her website, which was designed and built by another company but more importantly it hadn’t been updated in 6 years. The site is a static HTML site and has a very strong brand. Koogar looked at the site and had a meeting with the MD to find out what had changed within the company and how she would like to use the website moving forward. After a few hours in a focused meeting, we came away with a list of actions to complete with timescales in place so we could update this site.

We didn’t rebuild a new website but worked with what we had. Baring in mind this client already uses Social Media and Email Marketing, plus a dash of video/screen casts, we put new pages together, tidied up code, added new keywords for SEO, submitted it to search engines and added new content by making the site relevant and dynamic. This site now gives away free templates whist capturing user details, enabling the client to keep in touch with the people who are downloading the resources.

In the last 12 weeks since the updated version of the site has gone live, the website has been found across the ‘World’, with an increase in Website Traffic of 191%. This has also had a positive impact on YouTube views (these are linked into the Website) from 92 Countries with the number of views increasing by 227%. Templates have also been downloaded from UK, USA, South America, India and Australia!!

Koogar don’t just create brand new sites, we also breathe life into existing sites.

Excel Ace said;

I always thought I didn’t really need a Website, but I simply cannot argue with these results!! The changes have not only been awesome at increasing the exposure for Excel Ace, but have also saved me time, as Template Downloads are also linked into my E-Mail Marketing, so this now happens automatically! This makes the experience for the User super fast and efficient, which is the exact image I want Excel Ace to portray!! I can also now direct Clients and potential new Clients directly to my website, as it’s so up to date with all of the Services that Excel Ace offers.”

Koogar want you to love your website and urge you to create a snag list or wish list, so you can grow your online offering and build a better awareness of your brand. By changing your site regularly and adding a new and improved offering more and more people will come back to see what you are up to now.

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Create a beautiful online experience

Keeping your website up to date shouldn’t be a chore nor should it be ignored. When you visit a website that has information which isn’t up to date even by a month your confidence in that company drops, thoughts going through your mind are;

  1. Are they still going?
  2. Mustn’t be successful or wanting to grow
  3. They obviously can’t be bothered

And its natural to think if they can’t be bothered why should I be? I don’t want to have to trawl the Internet for information on them unless this item/product is rare and that I MUST have it.

Most business owners know that having a website is essential for the company, not only to backup what you do but it’s also there to make sure people can find you. In fact, a website is much more than that! It’s a place where you should share experiences others have had with you and the experience of working with you and your company. A website should not be built but it should be “created” and moulded into a marketing tool that helps you sell your company to the audience you want to attract.

“Create a beautiful online experience” – Randy Zucherberg (iStrategy 2012; Amsterdam)

Design the journey you want the audience to take. Move them through the website by clicking on various links. Get them to read pages, posts and testimonials and look at images to make them think about things.

13% more people buy when images and words are together!

When designing your website always have in mind; “What the end goal?”. Is it to get the user to fill in a form? Pick the phone up? Book an appointment with you? Whatever outcome you want, you need to guide them to it and all things related to it.

By keeping your site up to date and engaging you will do 4 things:

  1. Evolve the website together with the company, brand and ethos
  2. You will be found more easily
  3. Keep your visitors coming back to see more
  4. Create something that is similar to the face-to-face experience

All I hear is, we want more hits to the website, people commenting on our blog posts, more emails from people interested in buying from us as well as being found naturally for the right keywords.

When creating this experience, remember it is for your audience to ‘walk past’ your on-line ‘shop window’, get to the next step and ultimately buy from you – make it easy for them and enjoyable!

Article written for The Edge Magazine (2012)

What a Nightmare!

Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) - "A Nightmare on Elm Street."

The amount of stories and problems I have heard recently and over the years about awful customer service or none to be exact!

The Web Design/Development industry isn’t regulated in anyway and anyone can become Web Designers or even Marketeers.

Lack of communication, non-delivery of goods, not getting the results, over promise under deliver; it’s a nightmare out there!

I am sure you have come across “rouge traders” in your time but then found someone who can actually do the job you needed really well.

Some of the stories and problems I have heard:

  • Non-delivery/go-live of a website for two years
  • Functionality paid for but doesn’t work properly or at all!
  • Can’t get access to what I need
  • Waiting weeks for a response
  • The web guy wants me to come up with the ideas for the design…

The list goes on… and because of this, potential customers start to believe websites and marketing doesn’t work for them, which is a real shame because it does.

So, how do you stand out from these other companies who make a mockery of your industry?

  1. Be honest – If you’re not sure about something, check it out first and then give an answer. Don’t pretend you know the answer if you don’t.
  2. Practice what you preach – If you say something works are you using/doing it yourself? Have you got evidence?
  3. Offer advice – Give a helping hand to those who have had bad customer service or experience. Show them why your different and why they should be working with you.
  4. Walk your talk – If you say you’re going to do something and do it! Don’t over promise and under deliver,  trust is the biggest thing when it comes to relationships!
  5. Prove yourself – Show testimonials or case studies from others and examples of your work.

We would like to hear about some of your nightmares… and also the ways you make your self stand out from “the others”.

Don’t make your service, experience or company out to be a nightmare for your customers, make it beau-tiful!