ITI Ep.0016 :  Working With Difficult People (Interview with Keeley Taverner)

ITI Ep.0016 : Working With Difficult People (Interview with Keeley Taverner)

We all have dealt or are dealing with difficult people. This is about setting boundaries of what we are willing and not willing to tolerate!

Difficult people exist everywhere, not just at work.

They come in every variety and nowhere is without them.

How difficult a person is for you to deal with depends on your self-esteem, your self-confidence, and your professional courage.

In this episode I speak with Keeley Taverner from Key4Change where we talk about dealing with difficult people, narcissists and more.

Koogar’s Rebrand is Complete

Koogar’s Rebrand is Complete

As the leaves fall to the ground in preparation of the winter, the earth tilts. It’s time for change… A rebrand for Koogar.

“Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice”

What does Rebranding mean?

Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, concept or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders.

It is not just about evolving a logo, colours and visuals. It’s about ethos, purpose, mission, principles and message.

All of which have changed for Koogar for many reasons. Some business, most personal.

The process includes our thoughts, feelings, questions we are asking and answering.

I’m not going to lie, this process is so much easier when we do it for our clients than it is for ourselves. We want to get it right so it allows us to speak our truth and be seen by our perfect clients. So it’s back to the drawing board.

I wrote this in November 2019… and now I’m ready to show you how Koogar has evolved!

11 Steps to Rebranding

  1. Why now?
  2. Reflect
  3. Audience
  4. Message
  5. USP
  6. Strap line
  7. Vision, Values and Mission
  8. Offering
  9. Logo and Colour Pallet
  10. Visuals and Style
  11. Release

So as you can see there is a lot to go through to get to your final result. A lot of thinking, designing, trying and testing, sitting and waiting and then… you’ll notice it come together.

What our Logo means to us

We have redesigned out logo to match Amanda, along with her values and beliefs.

We have become more defined, fluid, centred and bold.

Defined – by evolving our brand and our offering, we now know with absolute clarity who we are and what we stand for and how we best help our clients. We now have a variety of options for the Solopreneur through to the Established Business Owner.

Fluid – the font has changed to an oriental handwritten font to match Amanda’s love for graphology and to ensure that everything we do with you, or for you; is integrated, organic, sustainable and the natural order of flow for you and your clients.

Centred – our colour pallet has been derived from the Chakras (the body’s natural energy centres), to align you with your brand and business. Giving you clarity, confidence and consistency with your life and business. We also bring empathy and intention with us in everything we do, this is something we do naturally.

Bold – we are now who we have always meant to be. We pride ourselves on our openness, honest opinion and approach to business. This is what our clients come to us for, even if we talk ourselves out of business. Our sole priority is to serve you and your needs and to to it well with honesty, integrity and authenticity.

Our message is simple

We are here to make marketing manageable by integrating your marketing to influence your audience.

Integrated Marketing is about pulling all marketing elements together, and is a combination of traditional and digital marketing activities. When assembled well, marketing integration creates an organic and natural customer journey for your target audience to follow.

Using our Marketing Integration Eco-System™, we take potential customers from being “interested” in what you do to buy from you… and then refer you on!

Let me know what you think…

Next Steps…

My next step is to get our website to match our new brand and offerings. We have already started telling people about them and they are being received well.

I’ll be in touch with the next instalment soon.


ITI Ep.0015 : 10 ways to get more email Subscribers (Series – Part 6 of 6)

ITI Ep.0015 : 10 ways to get more email Subscribers (Series – Part 6 of 6)

10 ways to get more email Subscribers… how do you do it?

Getting people to subscribe to your emails can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. With everything, we need to put a process in place that we can review.

What are your thoughts on email marketing?

As I’ve mentioned before, email marketing is far from dead.

How to get more subscribers?

It’s about using it in the right way, so you influence your audience to take the next step, not to hard sell to them.

In this episode, I’m going to give you over 10 ways to get more subscribers, so that you can grow your list slowly and organically, so your subscribers stay!

Grab your notepad and pen, sit back and list the 10 reasons along with your own ideas… Let me know how you get on!


Join the Koogar Academy to watch our Email Marketing Masterclass

ITI Ep.0014 : 10 Reasons why you should be using Autoresponders (Series – Part 5 of 6)

ITI Ep.0014 : 10 Reasons why you should be using Autoresponders (Series – Part 5 of 6)

There are many reason why your should use autoresponders when it comes to email marketing. It sets expectations as well as saves you time in the future.

If you set things up correctly, your subscribers will receive your key messages without you having to manually do it every time you get a new client.

In this episode, I’ll share 10 reasons why you should be using autoresponders to help your emails give even more value to your list!

Grab your notepad and pen, sit back and list the 10 reasons along with your own ideas… Let me know how you get on!



Overwhelmed with Marketing? Why do you get it

Overwhelmed with Marketing? Why do you get it

Being overwhelmed with marketing and business happens to everyone and happens more than once a year. Overwhelm isn’t a one-off occurrence!

I’ve been looking into why it happens because I wanted to understand it more, to help myself and every single client I work with and have yet to work with.

How can we overcome it quicker, so we can get traction on our marketing and feel more comfortable doing it?

Before we can understand it and how it affects us individually, we must first know what it is.


The meaning of Overwhelm or being Overwhelmed

 – have a strong emotional effect

 – to cause someone to feel sudden strong emotion

 – defeat completely

 – be too strong for…

 – overpowering strength or effect


Overwhelm can be physical or emotional

It can be positive (as in overwhelmed with love and gratitude) but in most cases it’s a negative incident that can debilitate anyone, at any time for any reason.

Overwhelm is the very sense that something (or everything) is too big to manage.

It can cause anxiety, anger or make you become annoyed as well as worry, doubt yourself (including others around you) and make you feel helpless.

It can completely change your physical state and behaviour by causing panic attacks, upset, solitude and in worse cases violence.

Challenge is the pathway to engagement and progress in our lives. But not all challenges are created equal. Some challenges make us feel alive, engaged, connected, and fulfilled. Others simply overwhelm us. Knowing the difference as you set bigger and bolder challenges for yourself is critical to your sanity, success, and satisfaction. – Brendon Burchard


Stress and Anxiety are the biggest causes of overwhelm!

Stress vs Anxiety, how to Tell the Difference:


What is overwhelm?

Being overwhelmed is your body’s way of defending and protecting you from crashing. It is telling you something and to be fair, you should listen. However, most people just battle through until they cannot move at all, which can come out in several ways;

  • Being even more busy than normal
  • Procrastination
  • Being clumsy and not doing anything well at all
  • Or paralyses

Either way, these are not the best modes to be in when wanting to get stuff done!


Why do we get overwhelmed?

It is a normal reaction to what we would deem as a difficult circumstance which is a “future thought“.

Some people get overwhelmed with what you may feel is a small and everyday task (like dealing with finances, speaking to family, just going to work) and others get overwhelmed with tasks so stressful that we cannot comprehend (i.e. landing a rocket on the moon or fixing a fault while in space).

Everyone’s threshold is different because of our experience and exposure to various elements throughout of lives.

A lot of overwhelm happens around things that are completely outside of our control and that we are trapped within the complications of life and business.

Unconsciously, we are happy to relive these negative thoughts and feelings over and over again, until we’ve had enough and sometimes not even then.

We keep putting ourselves through this pain and reliving the experiences, but they somehow get easier to deal with over time. They become our excuses from moving forward, partially some of the stories we keep telling ourselves and the reasoning behind why we are where we are.

Some people don’t work out what their triggers are or have coping methods to help them deal with their overwhelm. They just do whatever they need to do to survive and then once the feeling and thoughts have surpassed, they can try again.

Feeling overwhelmed is a primary emotional symptom of inner passivity, while procrastination is a primary behavioural symptom.

When left un-dealt with, overwhelm can then develop into a darker state where depression, helplessness and not seeing way out. Even thoughts of suicide can take over.


How you get overwhelmed?

Let’s go back to “future thought”.

This is our impression and perspective on our own lives, our current situation and what we must do for ourselves, but more so for others. For some reason, we only look after ourselves when we’ve looked after other people first.

You may be listening to too many people; marketers, gurus, mentors and coaches who are all telling you different things or even the same thing, and you’re unsure how to tackle the situation.

You may not ask the questions you want to ask because you feel you may come across stupid, incompetent to idiotic.

We worry about what other people think, how we will be perceived, what they will say about you and want to be seen as perfect. This isn’t just about you as an individual. It’s about everything; your lifestyle, your business and the messages you are putting out there.


What to do BEFORE you get overwhelmed?

Now you know a little more about what overwhelm is, why we get overwhelmed and a few reasons behind why you may get overwhelmed, how do we stop this from happening?

I’m not sure there is a quick fix for this question, but there are a number of things you could do;


Work out what triggers you

There are two things to look at here:

    1. What is the trigger – is there a specific type of work, person/people, situation, environment
    2. How do you know it’s about to happen – you may carry out a specific act or use particular words or have a specific feeling

Overwhelm creeps up on us. All of a sudden, it’s just there, because we haven’t been aware of it. If you can make a conscious effort to be more aware of yourself, your surroundings and situation you will find your trigger.

Keep a journal if you have to but find out what triggers it off.


Stop thinking too far into the future

Future thoughts. I know we set ourselves goals, aspire for something more or bigger, need a plan and need to future proof our businesses but at the time of marketing thinking about what you need to do RIGHT NOW is the most important thought you should have.

There is a book called “The One Thing”, do not busy yourself. Get that one thing done, tick it off your list and then move to the next.

Multitasking can bring on overwhelm!

To do lists are great but they also show us how much we have to do. When you remove the need to do EVERYTHING at once and focus on the one thing, you gain clarity and are then able to move forward.

When looking at your plan or calendar, look at the week and what you need to do for that. If that’s too much, stick with the day. Obviously, depending on your role in the business depends on how much marketing you need to do and how far in advance we need to schedule.

Focusing on one thing and then something else when you have finished allows you to be in the moment but also enables you to do the first thing properly.

Little and often is better than nothing and then everything.

The Power of Now” is also another great book.

If you need to learn how to do something, plan in a CPD (Continued Professional Development) day so you are able to take the time to learn something and do it properly first-time round.


Create Coping Methods

When overwhelm is just about to set in, you need to have a set of coping methods that you can follow to bring you back down and refocus you.

One of the things I do in the office when overwhelm starts creeping is the process I discovered after I became aware/conscious of it;

How it manifests: I start to clean! Silly but it’s true. My desk, then the office and then…

Coping Method #1: End up leaving the office to move; walking/just get up and move around/stretch/fresh air

Coping Method #2: Get a drink (water not gin) and do something with my hands

Coping Method #3: After 10-20minutes, I come back, find paper and empty my head and I mean everything! Once I feel everything is out, I put in order of priority, so I know what my next task.

There are a few more, but they depend on the severity of the overwhelming feeling I’m having.

Yours will be different. You may add music and dance, speak to a colleague or family member, meditate to control your breathing or something else.


Getting overwhelmed with marketing happens because you believe it is a BIG task or there is so much to do.

You need to break that elephant down into smaller, manageable chunks.

But you know that already, don’t you…


The answer is simple, not easy. Nothing ever is!

The one thing I’d like you to take away from reading this blog is that overwhelm will happen. Not just with marketing. It will happen in life events, relationships, self-development and everything in between.

The main thing to do, is be aware of it so you can deal with it better than you have and quicker than before.

You already have skills in different areas of your life, maybe you just need to bring them into the marketing of the business.

Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and just go where your heart takes you.



I want you to know you are not alone.

Being overwhelmed can be a lonely place especially if you’re a Business Owner. The buck stops with you and sometimes family and friends just don’t get why you’re feeling the way you do.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with… – Jim Rohan

So, my question to you is… Who are your top 5 people?

They are the ones who will lift you up when you are down, understand where you are coming from and not judge you, listen to you without interruption or try to fix things until asked to.

These people are your power team. They don’t necessarily know each other but as a combination they all work well for you!


Join our community

We have two groups of thriving, motivated and helpful Business Owners and Marketing Managers. All there to help each other, give opinions, help advice and guidnece.

We’ve got your back!


Other blogs you may find useful…

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9 Reasons WHY you are NOT Taking Action

Have you ever been distracted by a Seagull?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions based on overwhelm with marketing. Leave a comment and share…

Why join a Marketing Membership like the Koogar Academy?

Why join a Marketing Membership like the Koogar Academy?

.Why join a Marketing Membership

A marketing membership may not be right for you and there are many reasons for this;

  • haven’t got time to either do it yourself or spare a team member in the business
  • it’s a reoccurring cost that you don’t want to incur
  • can’t afford the expense right now
  • maybe you’re thinking it might not work for you and your business

Then again, you may have been thinking joining a Membership right now could really help you with your marketing. Which is perfect, let me explain the many benefits of joining a marketing membership…

Be kept accountable

If you work by yourself as a solopreneur it’s hard to make sure you do everything you need to but more importantly have someone else to bounce your ideas off!

If you work within a marketing department or small team, there are times you want to speak to an expert to find out if your heading in the right direction and are on track to achieve goals or K.P.I.’s.

Either way, having someone keep you accountable by giving you tasks, exercises and resources every month allows you to take control of the marketing of the business by steering you in the right direction and giving you things to think about that you may haven’t even thought about. Having a fresh pair of eyes look at your business could just be the thing to push you in the right direction.

Get MORE done, take action and implement your ideas

Finding the time to market can be hard especially if you’re by yourself. Having a team of other like-minded people around you spurs you on and keeps you going even when you don’t feel like you can or want to. To take action you need to know what you need to be doing. A membership can give you the structure you need to bring into your business.

Develop confidence in yourself and business

Confidence is one of the biggest challenges we face when putting ourselves, products and services out there. We feel like we could be ridiculed or publicly criticized for the decisions we make we tend to not do anything at all. Let the Koogar Academy help you develop more confidence in yourself by helping you gain clarity of who you are and what the business stands for!

Be with like-minded people

Being with other people who feel the same way as you and have the same kind of problems is a safe place to be. Within this space we can ask question, give opinions and decide how we would approach that particular activity and if it’s for you at all.

Share your struggles and frustrations in a safe environment

Let’s be honest, we all have them. It happens to us all at different stages within our life, marketing, personal knowledge and situation AND business. Asking for help isn’t a bad thing, it is something we all need to do to enable us to grow faster.

Learn a new marketing tactic every day

Embracing a student-like mindset allows you to learn every day, helps you adapt to your situation, decision making is easier and every day you become better at what you do. What was the last thing you learnt before reading this blog? Pop a comment below.

Become a part of something that gives you motivation and picks you up when you feel nothing is working

SOS a.k.a. Shiny Object Syndrome, overwhelm, scatter gun approach to marketing and the feeling of being lost impacts everyone. Gaining momentum is what is needed for you to be motivated in the first place. Within the Koogar Academy, we’re good at giving you a kick up the bum or pep talk when you need one.

Make some amazing connections

We have a Members Meet Up every quarter where you can meet other Koogar Academy Members and put a face to a name. Many of our current members have met and have done business too.

Grow your business through marketing better

This is what we are here for right? So, let us do it together making sure your headed in the right direction.

Expand your thinking and knowledge of yourself and your business at the same time

Most of our Member have come in with a particular plan and idea of what they want to get out of the Academy, but we have been blessed to have some amazing members who have taken their goals and ideas to the next level! Like adding 5 figures to their bottom line, being able to by a 2nd car and a house in some cases!

Stay outside your comfort zone

Being in an uncertain place, not knowing what to do, where to start, who to ask for help is tough enough.

When you know all the answers to all of that and  are now ready to take it to the next level, your comfort zone will be pushed but that’s where miracles are made.

Stop holding yourself back!

Find out more about the Koogar AcademyVisit

You don’t have to be technologically savvy to join the Koogar Academy because we are here to help you AND show you how to do it.

Marketing isn’t about technology it’s about psychology and understanding the person you are trying to get in front of!

Marketing is something every business must make time for. If you don’t it gets pushed to the wayside and left alone until there is NO business coming in…

So why a Marketing Membership?

There is a reoccurring cost to a membership (depending on which payment option you go for) but there is also reoccurring learning when it comes to marketing due to shiny object syndrome when new platforms and ways of doing things become apparent and because marketing is an ongoing element throughout every business, staying abreast of it is better than lagging behind!

And yes, let’s be honest which ever membership you join might not work BUT if you make time, complete the exercise, attend the masterclasses and take action…

I guarantee you will see results not only in your thinking, in the amount of action you start taking and how people start interacting with you but also in your feelings towards marketing yourself and your business… the confidence will start appearing and there will then be no stopping you!

None of us know everything…

The simple fact is that when running or working within a business we cannot know everything. It’s just not possible. Because of this, we need to expand our team and work with people who can help us achieve our goals.

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants – Isaac Newton

If marketing isn’t your strong point OR you are looking to up your game, then the Koogar Academy is for you. The reason is because, we can always learn something new or be reminded of something we are not doing.

New technology and marketing activities will come and go but the basics of it and foundational elements will always be the same. Until you understand who your perfect client is as well as;

  • how they think
  • what they are looking for
  • how they make a decision

then excellent marketing will always elude you.

Is Koogar part of other Memberships?

The answer to this is YES and the reason is, is because we don’t know everything either.

Koogar is a member of 3 memberships as we speak;

  1. help us up our own marketing game
  2. all things business operations
  3. growth and scale and one for technical know how

If we are telling you to do something, it’s because we are doing it or have done it ourselves.

If you have any questions about the Koogar Academy, please email Amanda at, alternatively have a look at our K.A. Frequently Asked Questions.