How long have you been doing what you do?

And how did you get to be a Marketing Architect?

To answer this question properly, I need to go back to the beginning. I was an Art student in my younger years and always wanted to see my work on billboards and record sleeves. So, in school and college I worked towards becoming a graphic designer by learning photography, graphics, painting, drawing, ceramics as well as etching and welding! This was right back at the infancy of the computer, which was just starting to become popular. So, I asked my parents for one for my birthday, it was a Mac 3 (which I still have).

Once I had qualified, I wanted to do more learning and found a course in the local paper to “learn how to build the internet”, so I applied and got onto the first cohort. It was a 9 month part-time course where we learnt HTML, animation, computer design and a variety of codes. At the end of the course we had to display our work to Business Owners looking for designers and coders.

I was one of only six picked to train the next cohort of students. We worked part-time training and the other time hands-on as coders. I worked in a team of four and collectively, we built Liverpool Football Club and Telewest’s first websites, which was such an achievement. The year was 1998.

I went on to work for a variety of design and software houses that built websites, applications or engines for other businesses. Working with companies like; Argos, Gadget Masters, PC World, Wedgewood, HSBC, Tesco’s, NHS and many more.

Over the years, my position became more to do with coding and programming and that wasn’t where my love lay. I wanted to get back to designing, speaking to clients, understanding requirements and creating experiences for their clients on or offline.

I ended up working more as an account manager and usability specialist as the sites needed to be user friendly and have a customer journey to get people to buy online.

Whilst working full time…

I founded Koogar in 2006 as friends asked if I could design logos and materials, make websites and do marketing for their companies. The answer was “Yes, of course I can” and this was how I got to get back into the design side of things.

I ran Koogar after work hours for 2 years (sometimes working 13-16 hour days) until I was made redundant in January 2008. This gave me the impetus to push on and make Koogar a full-time venture. That year, I was the first in Liverpool to run “Social Media Workshops for Business”, teaching Business Owners and Marketing Managers what they need to do to be seen, how to create content that gets them noticed and more reach.

I also completed 3 coaching courses so I was able to ask my clients better questions enabling me to deliver what they needed based on the results they were looking for. The deeper questions I asked, the easier it was for me to find out how (and why) they wanted to run their businesses, help them be seen as the experts they wanted to be seen as, as well as get them in front of the right people.

Being committed to learning something new every day, so I can share it with my clients is a love of mine. Business Owners and Solopreneurs have so much to do. Marketing and tech doesn’t come easy to them, but for me, it is.

I’ve now worked with thousands of clients in hundreds of different industries and haven’t niched to work with a specific sector because everyone needs marketing but only a few are ready for the way in which I do it.

I have created the Marketing Integration Eco-System™ that is designed for you to look at all aspects of marketing, ensuring they are up to date, displayed as authentically as possible and are relevant for the people you want to work with so you can create a self-sustaining business.

Amanda Daniels-Allen, Founder of Koogar

Amanda Daniels-Allen, Award Winning Marketing Architect and Founder of Koogar

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

Koogar’s services are created especially for Brands through to the Solopreneurs.

These people are serious about stepping up their game (personally and professionally), so they are getting in front of the right people, can anticipate their next move is and convert more.

However, they really struggle with finding the right people, knowing what to do next or mostly what to say to attract people.

My clients know they are exceptional at what they do, but not great at marketing. They also know in their hearts that they need to become the marketers of their business because they know, that how THEY want to do things is different to everyone else in their industry.

They are looking for an expert they can work with over a period of time because they know marketing is not a quick fix. Someone who is willing to take the time to understand them, their business and what they want to achieve.

What they need is expert guidance to help them get to where they want to be, by building an organic and authentic business without compromising themselves.

Personally, I’m always looking to step up my game by being an expert in my field, NOT a Jack-of-all-trades Master-of-none. I work with the best, those who like me, prefer quality over quantity as well as doing things properly without cutting corners.

You will be learning, taking action and will be kept accountable when we work together. There are going to be some tough questions asked of you and decisions you need to make. No excuses anymore, if you’re ready to get to the next level then you have my full support while you achieve your goals; getting clear on your offering, becoming confident in marketing yourself and being consistent. All leading you to getting in front of your perfect clients.

How are you different from other “Marketing Mentors/Consultants?”

Koogar (and Amanda), don’t just focus on your marketing because there is a lot more to it than that. We start by focusing on you, what you want to achieve, how you fit into your business and how your business fits into the world because it is all connected.

During our meetings, you’ll always get up front and honest feedback, also known as “No B.S.”. My role as your Marketing Architect, is to get you fully functional by putting systems and processes in place and build your future, so your perfect clients are attracted to you and not to someone else.

There will be a touch of time management, coaching (a mixture of life and business depending on what you need to get you through the day) and ass-kicking (aka accountability)!

Bear in mind, I’ve worked in the Marketing and Communications industry from the bottom up AND for over 22 years. I know graphics, brands, experience and how they should be put together for the right image and message to be seen by the people you want to work with.

Although this isn’t a main part of my day anymore, I know how to code websites, design them for the best usability, get traffic and know what type of content to create to get noticed.

Finally, I also know what it is to be a Business Owner. I’ve had the fears, sleepless nights and worry of where my next clients are coming from too! I have been where you are.

Who are your clients exactly?

I work with people just like you. Independent Business Owners, Brand Marketing Managers and Solopreneurs who are really good at what they do; yet struggle with marketing, need to be kept up to date, getting in front of the right people, don’t have clarity or confidence in putting themselves out there and would like to be consistent, so they are always getting business because they are now so visible.

They would like brand awareness, create a waiting list of perfect clients and have a better structure in their business.

Professions I have worked with are wide and varied. Ranging from;

After School Clubs
Bathroom Installers
Building Suppliers
Care Industry
Civil Engineers
Commercial and Domestic Cleaning
Dance Schools
Garden Centres
Gas Engineers
Granite Worktops
Graphic Designers
HR Professionals
Import and Export
Lock Smiths
Marketing Consultants
Martial Arts
Mortgage Brokers
Nail Technicians
Networking Companies
Office Support
Project Managers
Quantity Surveyors
Renewal Energies
Shop Fitters
Sign Language
Sports people
Therapists (of all areas)
Tourism Boards
Travel Consultants
Varicose Veins
Waste Management
Web Designers
Wedding Dress Makers
Wills and Probate
Window Fitting


What happens if you haven’t yet worked with people in my field?

Well, I get excited! because you will have a new service (or product) for me to learn about and to help you market. However, as you can see, I have worked with over 85 different types of businesses in different industries, sectors and countries. All of which have different clients, products and services. Some have the same products or services but deliver their offering in a different way and only want to focus on a particular part of it.

I haven’t really gone into their specialities above, but I do know that to some degree or another, you share the same problems and challenges.

What my clients say, is that I bring a very different perspective to their businesses because of the diversity of clients I work with, giving them resources that wouldn’t normally be shared in their field of expertise. Because of this, we’re able to help you stand head and shoulders above anyone else in the industry, getting you noticed by your perfect clients.

What type of Business Owners/Solopreneur are your services NOT going to work for?

With over 20 years experience of working in this industry, we are more than aware of the type of clients, with whom we work best. Therefore, if you would consider yourself not open to suggestion, trying new things, trying things again with  different spin or unwilling to roll your sleeves up, it is unlikely we are the right solution for you. Honesty, integrity and authenticity are my top 3 values.

I have learnt to become selective with the people I work with and who we feel are not the right fit for us or suited to our services because they won’t get the results they are looking for.

Koogar’s services are not for those who are looking for a quick fix or “bums on seats” and the reason is simple.

Marketing is something that is dependent on hundreds of factors that all need to align which takes time and consideration. For example; if you’re asking to work with a specific type of client but your website hasn’t got the right content, pages or look, then it will need to change before we work on your Landing pages.

We are here to create trust, credibility and help you be seen as the expert so changes will need to be made before we “turn on” your marketing.

We also don’t work well with those that make excuses and don’t act, constant complainers or sceptics who know better and have “done that before”.

I cannot make you do what I ask, but if you don’t even try, you certainly won’t get the results you are after, be that with me or anybody else.

I wouldn’t want you to waste your money or time either.

What exactly do Koogar’s services include?

All our services include working to create a waiting list of clients, having clarity on your irresistible offer and WHO your people are, creating content that gets you noticed and showing you where you need to be to do that. As well as confidence building skills for you to get yourself out there and mindset skills to look past the fears beliefs that are holding on to.

Becoming client-centric and creating experiences for your people is essential for us to help you achieve. You want people to keep coming back or refer you on, for that to happen you must be customer focused!

We have group services for those who like to be a part of a community as well as 1:1 services for those who want privacy and to fast track and get to it straight away.

All services come with a variety of price points to suit the types of people we work with.

Does this really work?

A resounding, Yes!

The results of our work help you approach your marketing from a completely different angle than ever before. Over time, with your new level of clarity, commitment and consistency you will create the business that gives you the lifestyle you want.

No compromise and truly aligned to who you are and what you believe.

One of the biggest revelations we have had from working with Koogar, is her Ideal Target Client Matrix, one of the most comprehensive, innovative and revealing resources we now have within OUR business to support ALL our Brand, Marketing, PR and positioning activities. Coupled with the overhaul of our website and the introduction of our FAQ page this has seen an increase in traffic, enquiries and conversions.

Jay Allen

Business Scale Coach, My TrueNORTH UK

What results can I expect?

You can expect to;

  1. Understand who your perfect client(s) are exactly
  2. Get clear on your brand; your look, style and voice
  3. Create an outstanding and unforgettable message
  4. Have offerings available that your clients want more and more
  5. Become more confident in yourself to be the marketer of your business
  6. Becoming more visible and gain more brand awareness
  7. Build a strategy to work from and laying out your business goals
  8. Create a plan to achieve your goals
  9. Design a customer journey to get people who don’t know who you are to buy from you
  10. Handle your time better
  11. Become better at selling
  12. Work through exercises that amplify
  13. Create referral systems so more people recommend you
  14. Network effectively by creating a 60 second pitch that gets you
  15. Learn to create remarkable content
  16. Create a waiting list of clients
  17. Building systems and processes that enable you to work quicker
  18. Be seen as the expert
  19. Be found locally and globally
  20. Stay accountable and get stuff done!
  21. Build an organic and authentic business without compromise

Can I contact some of your clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Yes of course! Please go to the client testimonials page and read them. Find the ones that you resonate with because of the results or elements we covered. If you feel drawn to them feel free to email or get in touch with them! We have nothing to hide, and you’ll be able to hear first-hand their experience of our help, support and services.

How quickly can I expect results?

This depends… I know, I know… but it does.

It depends, because of the length of time you’ve been in business, how much we need to review, how much action you take and how quickly you take it. Most of our clients get results within a matter of months but everyone’s results are different; they could be new clients, more referred clients, retained and satisfied clients more enquiries or more clarity on who they are.

How can I guarantee to get the results I’m after?

This is the Million Dollar question!

First, I need to you remember that marketing isn’t a quick fix, it’s playing a long game.

It’s also kind of like bump starting a car. If you’ve ever had to bump start a car, you will know when you start pushing it’s really hard, the car doesn’t move, even with all of your weight and strain, but then it starts to get traction and the wheels start to turn slowly, eventually getting faster the more momentum you have behind you.

Marketing is the same, it’s hard at first but when it’s in the right place and aligned, the traction happens.

Marketing cannot be guaranteed due to the thousands of factors and entities that are outside of our control.

However, I can guarantee my actions!

  • all of your questions will be answered to the best of my ability, with consideration and utmost honesty
  • together we will gain clarity on your business and perfect clients you want to attract!
  • my knowledge of all things marketing is and will always be topped up daily and shared with you at the appropriate time
  • the understanding of your business will be like it is my own
  • the challenges you face will be dealt with appropriately, with discretion and in a timely manner

Marketing is about gaining clarity, creating structure and implementing agreed actions.

Marketing isn’t what gets you business, marketing gets you awareness.
It’s what you do with that awareness that then gets you the business!

Don’t confuse marketing and sales… They are two separate things that do need each other to get results, but marketing is marketing and sales is….well sales!

Will I recover the investment I put into working with you?

The answer is yes, but it doesn’t always come in a monetary form. It can come in the form of;

  • Clarity on your message, avatar and offering
  • Confidence and energy to do more and get out there
  • Retained and satisfied clients
  • Referrals
  • Structure in terms of systems and processes
  • And new business

However, I have taken companies from £2k per month to £10k months in 2 months and have taken a business start up to £500k in 6 months.

As well as all the above, what you will be getting from working with me is focus, accountability, “ah ha” moments, honesty, confidence and undeniable support. All of which will move your business forward faster than doing it by yourself.

You will get homework and resources that work… this is what you are investing in, not just more information you’re unsure what to do with.

How will we work together and what do your services entail?

We have a Rate Card especially made, so you can work out where you are and where you want to get to. Look below;

Retreat (thrive)

For those who want to reconnect with themselves and their business by understanding their identity and how to be themselves authentically. A 4-day retreat, helping you to align yourself with your brand, so you can be seen and heard as you truly are, become known as the expert and build an authentic business without compromise.

No more than 8 people will join this journey.

12 Month Program (eco-system)

For those who want to make changes in how they approach marketing for their business so they are seen as the expert!

This 12 Month Program is for those who want to make changes to how they work, prioritise marketing so you are seen by the right people, helping you create a strategy, create a perfect customer journey, understand your audience, build brand awareness and get quality leads!

One to One (growth)

For those who want my undivided attention on them and their business. They can be taken as one-off sessions or over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on how quickly you want to get off the ground and how much of my input you want.

2 hours, ½ day and Full day sessions are available.

Mastermind (pod)

Nothing will change in your business, if you keep doing what you have been doing and more importantly if you keep doing it alone…

Imagine being part of a group of like-minded business owners who, every month, help you with your burning questions with regards to marketing and how you can be seen as the expert in your field.

This is a 6 month commitment.

VIP Experience (surge)

An intense 10-hour session, ONLY for those who are looking to move quickly to build stronger foundations. We’ll spend the whole day together (in person in Warrington, Cheshire) where we will review, strategise, plan and create; so your business is running smoothly and sustainability, helping you get in front of the right people so that you can do your best work ever.

Surge comes with 2 options; Experience or the Experience+, were you receive 5 months support to ensure what we talk about during the VIP Day is implemented in the right order and completed.

Please be aware; this is not for everyone. It’s not only a long day, there is a lot to cover, you will be challenged and there will be a lot to do, but it will be worth it!

Additional follow up sessions are available.

The Academy (rise)

For those who are looking to learn more about marketing, do it themselves and roll their sleeves up. Be a part of a group that is full of like-minded people, all wanting the same thing.

The academy is online and you immediately get access to all masterclasses ever created. We know that every business owners and marketing manager is in a different place with marketing, so you need to start where you need to start. Every member also gets a 30 minute kick-starter one-to-one with Amanda, so she can point you in the right direction.

Subjects covered; Getting in front of the right people, content creation, websites, social media, video, mindset and more!

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we have many options as we work internationally. We use iZettle, SquareUp, PayPal and TransferWise for international payments.

Alternatively, we do accept BACS payments and direct debits set up via GoCardless.

OK, I know which service I want. How do we get started?

Great news! Did you know that those who make decisions and take action are more likely to succeed to move towards their goals and aspirations? It’s also a well-known fact that people who make these types of decisions, do so with their gut because it feels right for them, so go for it!

Either email the Team on or call the office on 01925 699 250 so we can get our chat booked in our diary’s. We can talk through any questions you may have and your ideas so we can make sure we are on the same page.

I’m so excited for you!

If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I sample your work at low cost to see if it’s the right solution for me?

Our lowest offering is the Koogar Academy, which is our Online Masterclasses that run every month, plus you get access to all Masterclasses I have ever created, which are also recorded and kept for you to watch at your leisure. We also write blogs, record podcasts and go “LIVE” on social media sharing hints, tips and adding value.

I have a family and a busy life. Although I want more clients badly, I don’t have much time to spare. How much time do I need?

Obviously, this depends on which offering you prefer to go for, however, time is something we all have the same amount of, 24 hours. Believe it or not, I do know the reason why you haven’t got much time and I can certainly help with that.

It’s because you’re not yet clear on some of or all of your business and are more worried about the “how you’re going to do or get… XYZ”… Am I right?

When we haven’t got clarity (and I mean crystal clear clarity), we get confused, overwhelmed and procrastinate which leads to using our time badly.

I will show you how to get more time, so you are able to do more and achieve your goals.

OK, I’m ready to do this, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Of course! Please feel free to email the Team on or call the office on 01925 699 250, so we can answer your questions for you.