How to get in front of the RIGHT people

How to get in front of the RIGHT people

THE RIGHT PEOPLE : Who are they and how do you get in front of them?

There are customer-centric strategies that can work for you to navigate the world of entrepreneurship with a focus on serving your audience while being mindful of your visibility.

The fear of putting yourself out there is what is stopping you because you may be worried about what people will say, think or do because you are sharing your gifts with the world.

Getting in front of the right people for spiritual entrepreneurs and creating a customer-centric approach involves a combination of marketing strategies and a well-defined customer journey.

Here are 5 steps to help you achieve this, however…


Before you read this Journal Entry…

Before you read them, read them as if youre coming to them for the first time, NOT “I already know this”…

When youre in know-it-all energy, you learn nothing and miss opportunities!


1. Craft a Customer-Centric Vision:

Start by envisioning the kind of transformation you want to bring to your clients’ lives, how do you see your business once you have made it to the place you are dreaming about. Once you have this in your head (or on paper) put their needs and aspirations at the centre of your mission and then share it so that the people you want to work with can see something different within you and how your business works.


2. Define Your Unique Value Proposition:

Identify what sets you apart and allows you to highlight your distinctive strengths, skills and qualities that make you uniquely valuable in the spiritual entrepreneurship realm. Your uniqueness can be a magnet for those who resonate with your approach.

Understanding and articulating your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is paramount in any competitive environment.

Your USP is what sets you apart from the crowd and it’s crucial for achieving success in various aspects of life, whether it’s in business or personal branding. By recognising what makes you stand out, you can tailor your efforts, marketing, and communication strategies to effectively convey your unique offering to your target audience.

This not only helps you gain a competitive edge but also allows you to align your passions and talents with your pursuits, leading to a more fulfilling and successful journey. So, knowing your USP is akin to knowing your compass in navigating the path to achievement and personal growth.


3. Understand Your Audience (Who are the Right People?):

Get to know your target audience intimately. What are their challenges, desires, and motivations? Use this understanding to create a magnetic customer journey.

This is an area I specialise in as most don’t REALLY know who the people are or what those people need to make a decision that you are the one.


4. Customer Journey Mapping:

Develop a customer journey that aligns with the needs and preferences of your audience. This journey should guide potential customers from awareness to conversion and advocacy.

Inside the Koogar Academy, you have access to masterclass that cover these elements, so you can get to your next level with your business, finances and your personal growth.


5. Create Valuable Content:

Craft content that provides valuable insights and solutions to your audience’s spiritual needs. This content can be in the form of blogs, videos, webinars, or podcasts.

By putting your customers at the heart of your business, creating a tailored customer journey and focusing on authentic, value-driven content, you can make a significant impact in the space you wish to own, even if you prefer a more subdued presence.


6. Community Building with the Right People:

No just anyone…

Create a supportive community around your brand. This can be a private Facebook group (like the Magnetic Marketing for Spiritual Entrepreneurs Fb Group) or a membership site (like the Koogar Academy) where your audience can connect and share their experiences, but more importantly, feel like they are part of something bigger.

Being a part of something bigger is an essential aspect of human existence, as it provides a sense of purpose, connection, and fulfilment.


7. Leverage Testimonials:

Encourage satisfied clients to share their success stories and experiences. Genuine testimonials can magnetise new customers especially when they share the real results. Sometimes it’s not about more. More money or more clients, it’s about how they feel now compared to what they were feeling.

Vulnerability in sharing where people REALLY versus what you think people want to her is more powerful!


8. Network with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs:

Partner with other spiritual entrepreneurs who have a more visible presence or others who also want to make an impact as much as you. Collaborative efforts can expose your brand to a wider audience and help the person you are collaborating with also. The Trinity of the Win – A win for you, a win for them and a win for the universe.


9. Empower Your Audience:

Focus on empowering your audience to take control of their spiritual journeys. When you can provide the right people with the tools and guidance to achieve their goals instead of making them be dependent on you. Empowering your audience is a fundamental aspect of effective communication and leadership. When you empower those you interact with, you provide them with the tools, knowledge and the confidence for them to make informed decisions and take ownership of their own lives.

This not only fosters a sense of autonomy and self-worth, as well as cultivating trust and loyalty. Empowered individuals are more likely to engage actively, contribute their unique perspectives and collaborate with you by sharing and commenting. In the realm of education, business or any social interaction, empowering your audience can lead to innovation, resilience and a more harmonious environment.

It’s a powerful and essential means to inspire growth, positive change, and a shared sense of purpose.


10. Measuring Impact, Not Visibility:

Shift your focus from being highly visible to creating a positive impact. Celebrate the transformations and growth your clients experience with you and because of you. Don’t take away the fact that they have done the work or shroud it with “they couldn’t have done it without me”.

Instead celebrate what they are achieving with them so others can see HOW you are impacting those that work with you and the results they are getting because of it the way they are now impacting the world.

It’s all about the ripple effect!


Become magnetic.

Your magnetic energy will draw those who resonate with your message and are seeking genuine transformation and guidance.

If you would like to work with me to learn how to get the right people to come to you, let’s have a conversation.

P.S. If this resonates, I’d love to invite you to join me over in the Magnetic Marketing for Spiritual Entrepreneurs Fb Group for insights, suggestions and ideas to help you get in front of the right people or book an Unearthing Session if you’d like to see how becoming magnetic will work for you and your business.

Funnels vs Customer Journey

Funnels vs Customer Journey

There is and will always be a mix up with marketing terms – funnels, customer journey, strategy, tactics… and so on.
Especially around, what they meant when they came out vs what they mean now.

Marketing changes all the time, as you know. What I mean by this is the activities, techniques and strategies. However, the essence of marketing is the same as before and is needed now more than ever.

The essence being Communication at its purest form.

A question I’m asked regularly is around systems that work!

Having the right funnel, system or process to convert clients is essential, however there are so many to choose from. All are needed, however, at different times, for different reasons.

The devil is in the detail…


FUNNEL VS CUSTOMER JOURNEY… What’s the difference?

Are they the same?


Which do you need?



Let me tell you…

Marketing terms are banded around all the time, without explanation, which is why marketing can become confusing.

Let me change your perspective and look at this from a different point of view.

With regards to a funnel and a journey, the process is the same, in terms of you are leading people in a direction you want to take them, but the context is different.

A funnel (sales or marketing) focuses on getting new leads to the purchase point and then starts again.

It is very focused on the lead, acquisition and automation elements, not the human.

A customer journey starts before the human/avatar/target audience turns into a lead and stays with them all the way through.

Even after the person has experienced you, your product, or service until they leave, are retained or reconnected with.

The customer journey doesn’t end.


A Customer Journey is a Cycle ∞

I called it an Eco-System.

It lasts the life cycle of your client (including before they know you exist) and is customer-centric, ensuring the person you are about to onboard has an exceptional experience with you.

Of course, you need a funnel inside your journey because the sale is what helps your business grow and allows you to make more impact.

The journey is the detailed path your customer will take based on their needs. Allowing them to choose, which leads to a better quality client who will stay for longer and will refer or recommend you on.

I liken to them to the breadcrumbs Hansel and Gretel leave… leading the right people to you so they turn into raving fans!

The journey breadcrumbs allow your audience to follow you in a certain way that allows them to make their own decision about you.

The funnel is based on your needs and what you want the customer to do, which is to buy from you AND is a very small part of getting and keeping your clients.

If you are looking for quality over quantity, a steady stream of interested people and to get MORE awareness than before, the customer journey will give you exactly that and will help you build a 5 Star Business at the same time.

When you allow your people to make their own decision instead of you “trying to convince or persuade them”, they will be a better client.


Don’t take your peoples power (or decision journey) away…

Convincing and persuading will take their power away.

To make an impact, we need to empower, inspire and motivate our people.

If you’d like to be seen as the expert or deliver the best service to your clients, this is the way forward for you!


Have questions?

Amazing… Leave a comment with your questions below, as I am more than happy to answer them for you.

No question is a silly question. Ask away!

The 5th Element : Using Energy in your Business?

The 5th Element : Using Energy in your Business?

Energy. Life force. Drive. Spirit – What are these things?

According to ancient science, Aether is known as the 5th Element or Quintessence.

The meaning of Quintessence (taken from;

: the fifth and highest element in ancient and medieval philosophy that permeates all nature and is the substance composing the celestial bodies
: the essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form
: the most typical example or representative

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” ― Aristotle

Aether, in Greek means, pure, fresh or clear sky.

The 5th Element is also known as:

  • Spirit
  • Space
  • Air
  • Energy

As we move through our day, we send energy into the world and we receive energy back.

Our minds, bodies, businesses and spirits are composed of energy, which vibrates out and is felt by others.

Are you in the right energy?

More importantly, is your business in the right energy?

Your business.

I believe that your business is its own entity.

Created by you with parts of your own energy, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and fears, and because you work with/co-create with your clients, your business mixes your energy and your clients energy together, creating itself.

Be conscious of and pay attention to the energy you’re release.

Be that through your writing, video, designing images for social, speaking out loud, how you feel and most importantly through your thoughts!

What kind of vibes are you (and your business) giving off to potential clients?

How can you change the energy if you need to?

5 ways to change up, raise your vibrations and give off an energy that attracts people to you:

  1. Be Kind and Compassionate – not only to the people around you but to yourself. Being kind can sometimes be seen as being weak, because you have compassion, empathy, understanding and see the world and people in a different way. Being kind is a gift so are not fortunate to have. Use that gift to your advantage because people will remember you by it for the right reasons.
  2. Get into Nature – see the world as she really is and tap into the calmness she gives off. Taking a walk or even just sitting in your garden can change your energy within seconds. Watching the trees sway in the breeze, hearing the birds, smelling the flowers, feeling the grass in between your toes is grounding and brings you back to centre.
  3. Journal – about your feelings, thoughts, goals, aspirations, business, money, clients and anything you need to express. The pen is mightier than you know. Being able to express everything unapologetically is liberating. It provokes mindfulness, a new sense and understanding of self, wants and needs. A completely different perspective that helps you think and move through the blocks you may have.
  4. Find your Tribe – be with people who lift you, challenge you, inspire, motivate, cheer you on and celebrate you. Being with people who get you, that you can speak freely, open up to, cry or be vulnerable with is an amazing experience. They are able to see you in all your glory and want you to succeed, help you, give you ideas and a sense of purpose.
  5. Reconnect with what you would love – instead of worrying, doubting and second guessing. Instead of thinking about the negative, flip the grey sky and shadows into blue sky’s and sunshine. What would you love to do, to be, to have, to hold, to see, to experience. Write it all down and keep it close so that you are able to tap into it when you are feeling low.

Marketing is emotional

The energy that you bring to anything you do, will be seen, heard and felt more than you know.

Marketing is emotional!

It brings fears, doubts, ideas, creativity, thoughts, suggestions, curiosity, anger and happiness.

It brings every emotion you can imagine!

The question is, what energy are you bringing into your business today and everyday moving forward?


Artwork taken from the Energy Wild Card, from The Marketing Oracle Card Deck and designed by @hellomae_art

Be where your people are!

Be where your people are!

Finding clients is THE number one reason why people market, however many struggle. So… I have created a list of 111 ways to find your people, community or tribe. There are many things you can do besides Social Media that still work REALLY well.

So, I shall be sharing a blog post on each one to give you ideas, suggestions and examples of how I’ve made this work for me and my clients.


You’ve heard this before, but I bet you’re not doing it.

One of the things I notice is that clients I work with are not in the same place as their clients, even though they believe they are.

I’m not just talking about Social Media.


How do you get in front of your people?

Marketing should contain a number of online and offline activities for you to be seen by those you can help the most. Social is great, but it’s the glue to the other activities.

The reason for this is because they don’t know enough about their people, community or tribe.

The importance of finding your tribe shouldn’t be underestimated!

Being and working/(collaborating) with your people will provide a sense of purpose, a reason to interact with others and even proven health and wellbeing benefits.

You set your business up to work + collaborate with THE best clients.

The ones that “get” you and know you’re the right person.

They understand why you ask them the tough questions, challenge them and are willing to do the work.


So where are your people?

Instead of getting caught up with your “own default” and where YOU want to be (which leads to wasting time, no engagement or business), be where your people are.

Let me give you an example…

In April 2022, I made the decision to go on recon to spend time with more of my people.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs who are here to make an impact with their business, by being of service to their people.

These people are my people!

Remembering what a Spiritual Entrepreneur is.

“Spiritual entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to serve and uplift others while doing what brings them great joy” – Gabby Bernstein


You can see my definition here –

Where did I go to find my people?

I decided to spend 3 full days at the Mind, Body Spirit Festival in London Olympia, because that is where Spiritual Entrepreneurs hang out. They have stands there, they want to meet more people and make the impact I’ve been talking about.

Found a place to stay close to the venue, so I could walk and didn’t have to get a train every day.

Walked round each stand looking at the layouts, designs and sizes, because I wanted to understand if this was a place for me and Koogar?

Should we have a stand?

It was the best 3 days ever!

I got to spend time with the people I love, in an environment that makes me feels good and to see how they do business.

Did a yoga session, meditated, ate amazing food, listened to speakers to see what facilities they had and more.

I immersed myself with them and it reminded me why I do what I do.

A number of people shuffled my card deck and the pulls were ABSOLUTLY amazing for each person, so much so, I sold 2 card decks while I was there.

I came away from the Festival with an abundance of information, great conversations and debriefed myself on the way home.

I know how my stand would be, what would work as a lead magnet, how much the stands are, where is the best place to have one. Plus, the amounts and types of people who went.

I even treated myself to a new ring, which is STUNNING!


Another example I can give is…

In the early years of running my business I did a lot of training at a gym as well as martial arts.

So, I asked the Gym Manager if I could put a poster on the notice board as I was running a 6-week Marketing Workshop and they said yes!

One of the women is walked, rowed and went to fitness classes with came along to the workshop and ended up being a client for 11 years. During this period I earned a little over £13,000 from her over that time.

I know the people I work with look after themselves in some way. Like going to the gym, swimming, walking, yoga, pilates, running, etc.

And because of this I made myself visible in the places they spent time in.

So… where are your people?

If you know them intimately, they are VERY easy to find.

But you need to know them first.

If you need help in understanding who your people are AND then working out where you need to be to be seen by them, Book an Unearthing Session with me (it’s free) so I can help you gather momentum, be seen and make the impact you’re here to make.

The photo of the Goombay Dancers was taken by Akil Simmons

The Customer Experience Battlefield

The Customer Experience Battlefield

Customer Experience is the new place to show your difference!

89% of companies say, Customer Experience is the new competitive battlefield, and that’s not a battle you want to lose!

It’s never been about technology and which platform(s) you are on.

It’s about your customers and their feelings, it’s about psychology.

Customer Experience isn’t just carried out once you have the customer, it’s there from the first step of their journey with you.


What is CX, Customer Experience?

Customer Experience is a totality of cognitive, affective, sensory, and behavioural consumer responses during all stages of the consumption process including pre-purchase, consumption, and post-purchase stages. (Taken from Wikipedia)

Which means, every touch point your customers (potential, new and current) encounter need to take into account your customers feelings, thoughts, understanding and acceptance of your brand and how they interact with you.

If you want more engagement, you need to create content that sparks engagement.

To get more shares, you must create content, experiences, products and services that are shareable.

For more comments, you should start a conversation.

Creating an experience isn’t just about creating content but getting the reader to do something because of what they have read, watched, listened to and consumed.

To sustain your business growth and have loyal customers, creating a customer experience help you keep clients for longer and encourages brand ambassadors and love.


How do you create a Customer Experience?

Answer these questions to create an amazing customer experience for your audience;

  1. Create a Customer Experience Vision (C.E.V) – What does it look like to work with you? How can you see your customers coming into your world? What needs to happen? What skills do you need to learn? What needs to change or be amended?
  2. Understand who your people are and what they want from collaborating with you – Knowing everything about your people is important when it comes to customer journey. Understanding their feelings, beliefs, whims, thoughts, decisions, fears and more, equips you you speak to them in their language.
  3. How do your people discover you? – Ask yourself, how did your last 3 clients find you? Were they recommended, was it LinkedIn or did they come to an event you ran? How do they discover you and what are they actually looking for?
  4. Spark an emotional connection – When you get a new client, I’m sure you create an emotional connection with them by asking questions and wanting to learn about the problem you are here to solve. Get to know them, listen (without wanting to answer but to hear what they have to say) and be interested in them, as they are in you!
  5. What is the best way to engage with them? – How do you engage with your clients? Do you speak regularly, find out how they are and what they are up to? Do you keep a log of this information?
  6. Capture customer feedback before, during and after their time with you – Do you survey your customers and check in with them? Ask them how they are getting on or what more they need from you (if anything). Gathering feedback enables you to not only be attentive but be able to anticipate their next move. Being able to answer the questions they have in their head before they know they have the question.
  7. Can you improve upon your delivery of your product/service? – When was the last time you updated your system or processes of taking on new clients? Is it in your head or written down? How do you know if it has been improved? What are you measuring against?


Next Steps…

Customer experience (like marketing) is an area that needs constant nurturing and care.

Review these questions every 6 months to see how your customer loyalty has improved as well as the retention or recommendations and income.

With a greater focus from you on your customer experience strategy, you will see a positive impact on your customer loyalty, higher retention rates and an increased revenue growth!

Because of what you are about to create, they (your customers; potential, new and current) will want to share you and not keep you for themselves.

Why Niching isn’t good…

Why Niching isn’t good…

What are your feelings about niching?

This subject brings up lots of things for people…
The main one being “lack or missing out“.

Niching stops you from getting business… right?

So, I thought I would put together a list of reason why niching is not good., but let me first explain what niching is..


What Is a Niche?

A niche is a specialised segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

Understanding niche is essential as it helps to identify your audience’s needs and helps the you generate new product ideas as per your customer’s requirements.

This also helps in finding the right way of communicating with your people so you can increase engagement.


Why Niche?

A mass-market strategy focuses on a wider audience pool while a niche market strategy focuses on a smaller segment.


5 Reasons why Niching isn’t good…

  1. You focus on the perfect clients you want to serve – imagine knowing EXACTLY who your people are and what they are looking for
  2. You’re seen as an expert – you have more knowledge and are sort after
  3. Spend less on marketing – because you know exactly where you need to be and waste less time, effort and resource!
  4. Less competition – People cannot compare you to others in your industry because you stand out head and shoulders above the rest!
  5. Intimacy – Because of your smaller audience you can spend more time with them by giving them a better experience than they have had before.

All jokes aside…

These are some of the best reasons why you should niche.

Being all things to all people brings burnout, frustration, scattergun marketing, a diluted message and confusion on your audiences’ behalf. All equalling, no business.

For example;

I recently shared in an Instagram post about who I serve as I am niching even further.

This is what I said...

I work with Spiritual Entrepreneur’s!

They are a tribe of people who are here to look after the earth and everyone on it, including those who were here before us and those who are unseen.

They are creators of products and services that not only empower themselves to be who they are, they are also made for the good of and the whole of the humankind.

I’ve collaborated with them for years and I am one myself.

Let’s talk about you.

You have strong ethics and values that are non-negotiable.

You stand for what you believe, even if it isn’t popular.

You haven’t become an entrepreneur to become wealthy in the traditional sense, but to gather abundance in other ways.

Like making others happy and/or distributing help (products or services) to a situation/transformation you have either been through yourself or have seen the suffering and want to make an impact by being the change.

Your work is not really work, it’s more being of service.

It is your purpose and everything you do must have meaning AND also nourish you.

Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life your proud to live” – Anne Sweeney

Spiritual entrepreneurs are not just healers, witches, yogis or therapists who believe in the Universe, tarot cards or incense. That is a generalisation.

Spiritual entrepreneurs can be accountants, business coaches, jewellers, web designers, motorbike riders, engineers, he/him, she/her, they/them, who believe in something out there that is bigger than them AND they want to be a part of it.

You have heard a whisper all your life… and it pulls you.

Sometimes you feel like you’re not making enough change because the calling isn’t what you thought it would be, yet still you hear it and know it is what you should be doing.

The problem is your internal voice saying… Who are you to do this?


3 ways you can Niche

  1. The type people you work with – for me Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  2. An industry or sector – for me, any sector or industry
  3. What you do – for me Customer Journey Marketing

You can go for one or all three a combination of two works REALLY well!

So tell me about you.

Is niching good or bad?

How could you niche more?

Who are your people?