We work with people just like you

Independent, passionate and purpose led Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are really good at what they do; yet struggle with marketing, being seen and getting in front of the right people to have great conversations.

You may not have clarity around your audience and message or the confidence in becoming more visible because you are unsure where to start and what to say…

You see the benefits of being consistent with your marketing, yet wrestle with knowing what to do, where to do it and when to do it, in order to become and remain effective for your audience.

You are a business owner and want to be seen as a professional, not amateur… You are ethical, have high standards and want to run a business authentically and organically, all without compromise.

What do you mean by Passionate and Purpose Led?

Passionate and Purpose Led Business Owners are those who are committed to doings things properly with traditional intentions. They don’t cut corners and know that to do something properly takes time and is worth the wait. Those that have a purpose (or are looking to define it) realise they need to share it, so all can benefit, but uncertain as to how.

Those who are exceptional at what they do, know marketing is something they should do and looking for help and guidance from an expert.

We work best with people who…

Learn to DIY

You maybe someone looking to learn how to do more marketing yourself, find out what works and then implement it.

If that’s the case, these options would work well for you;

  1. [Rise] The Academy – Marketing Masterclasses covering a variety of different topics, giving you the why, what and how
  2. [Guide] Training – 1:1 or Group In-House Training were we deliver one (or all) of our 4 Signature Workshops. We can also create something that is tailored for you and your team

Work With You

You may be looking for someone to work with on a regular basis to help you gain clarity and focus as well as accountability. Within these services we are able to strategise and plan your way forward.

If this is the case, these options would work well for you;

  1. [Growth] One-to-One Sessions – Sessions delivered in either 2 hour, Half Day or Full Day time blocks over 3 or 6 months
  2. [Surge] VIP Experience – 10 Hour VIP Experience where we cover the 4 M’s, ending with a planning session
  3. [Thrive] 4 Day Retreat – 4 Day Retreat that is held for 8 people, where we cover identity, vision, message and more

Done For You

When it comes to “doing” marketing for you, we can certainly help in the following area’s;

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Amend or Update Website(s)
  3. Content Review

You’ll notice, Social Media isn’t in the list and there is a reason for that.

We believe that…

You are THE best person to create your own content, purely because you know your business better than we do. We will show you what to write, how to structure it, format it and lay it out, where to put it but we won’t write it or schedule it for you (although we can introduce you to scheduling options if required).

When we show you how we create engaging content, you’ll go from not knowing what to say, to creating some of your best work that gets you noticed!

Ready to take your Business to the next level?

Book your Unearthing Session with Amanda, get your questions answered and discuss which option is best for you