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Here are some of the things our clients have said about working with us…

Amanda is awesome. Spent a couple of hours with her, and it turned out that I had stacks of things to work on that I’d never even considered. Only half way through the list of things she suggested, and I’ve started getting new business already! Thanks Amanda!!!

Aiden Ogden

Aiden Ogden Photography

Amanda is AMAZING! From our first, introductory session through the 6 month commitment I made to work with her, her intuitive grasp of what I needed, what my business needed, and where I was getting in my own way was spot on. Amanda’s ability to point out where I was lying to myself (let’s be real…we all do it) was just what I needed and she did it in a way that made me feel seen, heard, valued, and ultimately, understood.

I believe, for the vast majority of people, it’s not always comfortable to face our own truths about why we may not be succeeding in the ways we’d hoped for our businesses. Amanda creates a safe space to experience both failure and success, while being ridiculously brilliant at helping you find the marketing channels that best suit you and your business.

If you’re struggling to be seen and heard by your ideal clients, hire Amanda. Your investment with her will be the best money you’ve ever spent on yourself AND your business.

Hilary Clark

Artist & Coach

Quote from Abbey…
So financially, things improved pretty much straight away. I feel much more relaxed when it comes to marketing. I feel like I know a little bit more about what I’m doing now, rather than just throwing spaghetti at a wall. I write everything down, so I’m not distracted and yeah, I know exactly what I need to do next.

I think it’s important to have that connection to the people that you’re working with and so I felt like you were the right fit for me. As soon as we started working, I just felt comfortable with you. To be honest, you were very honest with me and gave me a kick up the BUM sometimes that’s what I needed, rather than just say what I need to hear, or what I want to hear. So the experience was really, really good. I felt like everything moved really quickly as far as growth and yeah, it was great!

Abbey achieved so much but the 2 biggest things were a significant monthly income jump (an increase of 267%) AND bringing a dream forward by about 4 years…

Working with Amanda has been so amazing! She helped me bring strategy to an admittedly chaotic state, and assisted me in gaining clarity around my vision, and my brand and my priorities. Amanda, you are unequivocally the bomb!! Thank You!!

Kathy Pearce

Leadership & Mindset Coach (USA)

Amanda helped me find my customers and create a personal experience for them. She held me accountable to get the changes made and I am feeling the benefits. We started working together during lockdown and I am coming out of the other side stronger than before. I would highly recommend Koogar.

Tony emailed me after leaving this 5 Star Review on Google and told me that he has just acquired 2 new nurseries and an after school club bringing the dream forward by 5 years!

Tony Gibbons


Within the first coaching session with Amanda, I instantly noticed great improvement and growth to my business. She was very detailed and gave me a perfect guide on how to bring in more customers… and it really worked!!

She’s friendly, passionate and incredibly knowledgeable. I would love to continue working with Amanda in the future!

Christopher David Mitchell

Singing Coach

Quote from Elaine…
I really started to see my business step up and up and up. And it was, obviously for me, it was that clarity of knowing who I was talking to, who I was helping and actually knowing that when they looked at my website and they looked at all my offerings that, that all was aligned and it all made perfect sense to my potential buyers.

It was, the confidence  was a big boost. There’s no doubt about that is I, you now, feel so much more different about my business, and the results are showing that,. My ideal clients are coming to me now, because I’m very clear on who I’m helping. So yeah, I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going!

I can’t speak highly enough of the time, efforts, ideas, encouragement, support, knowledge I received from Amanda at Koogar. I feel a whole new energy for my business and a complete drive to push things forward now. After one session with Amanda I knew I wanted her with me on my journey. I will be working with Amanda for the next year – I’m committed now!! I can’t wait to see how Amanda’s influence can help mould my ideas and where we take the business over the next 12 months.

Amanda creates achievable bench marks and sets realistic goals. I’m a one (wo)man band and having Amanda there to bounce ideas off is just invaluable!

Jo achieved a lot! In 2 months had a significant monthly income jump (an increase of over 400%) because she did the work!

Joanna Nelson

Papa's Tailoring

From working with Amanda, initially through the Koogar Academy, and subsequently ‘upgraded’ to a day a month 1:1 not only our marketing but our entire business has been transformed.  Amanda is a ‘no nonsense’ type and so we get straight to the core of the matter.  Her knowledge, experience and background is second to none, and this is evident in the caliber and quality of conversation and actions taken.

Prior to working with Koogar, we felt we had a good idea of our target marketing, and the marketing activities required to attract them. HOW WRONG WERE WE! Within the FIRST session with Amanda ‘Take a Knee’ she appraised all we had been doing to date, and quickly identified not just thousands but TENS OF THOUSANDS of pounds of missed/overlooked opportunity! The Session paid for itself almost a hundred times over!

Since then, and within EVERY session she has been able to identify opportunities, methods, systems, processes we can adopt, and continue to refine which has made our marketing FAR more streamlined, and far more effective.

One of the biggest revelations we have had from working with Koogar, is her Ideal Target Client Matrix, one of the most comprehensive, innovative and revealing resources we now have within OUR business to support ALL our Brand, Marketing, PR and positioning activities. Coupled with the overhaul of our website and the introduction of our FAQ page this has seen an increase in traffic, enquiries and conversions.

I would have NO hesitation in recommending Amanda, and the Koogar Academy to ANYONE seeking to spend less and achieve more within their marketing.  Working with Amanda has certainly proven to be one of the best investments we have ever made.  I would welcome ANYONE with whom wishes to confirm my testimonial and the value of her work, to email or call 01925 699069.

Jay Allen


Quote from Monique…
I was meant to be coming to you for the business stuff, but the primary transformations and I had two big ones that I’ve been working on really solidified the transformation was the inner masculine, because when you kept bringing it in infrastructure, it made me recognize a lack of internal stuff.

I wouldn’t call myself a business woman because where I started off in my existence, it was never in my scope of possibility for me. So, it’s even, I feel, such an achievement to say that with confidence because I always felt fraudulent trying to be a business woman, but I’m now a business woman with confidence, a business woman with clarity and a business woman with customers…. What more can a girl ask for?

Monique not only grew personally, but also created more structure in her life, as well as going from having a business idea and name to having full paying clients and a waiting list!

Amanda is a true professional, really knows her stuff, and gets straight to the solution of a problem without any faff. This makes her integrating marketing sessions great value for money, for a wide variety of businesses including personal brands like my own. Amanda also makes a real effort to get to know and understand her clients and their longer-term mission.

I’ve been part of Amanda’s Koogar Academy for over a year and already gained a huge amount of value. Amanda always gets straight to the point and during one-to-one marketing calls I’ve gone to her with a list of questions but come away with reassurance and more answers than I expected, and feeling energised with an action plan to get real results. Amanda is also highly dynamic and built my new business website to the professional standard required. Would highly recommend working with Amanda/Koogar to find the marketing answers you need.

Alex Staniforth

Alex Staniforth Motivational Speaker

Amanda has been a vital part in helping me get clarity on my marketing direction, guiding me in 1:1 coaching sessions and giving me an excellent structure to support me on my marketing journey and helping me figure out who my client base is, who I want to serve and how to do this.

I highly recommend working with Amanda for the breakthroughs you require to take your marketing to the next level.

Esther Bruer

Inner Child Coach

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