I’m Amanda Daniels-Allen

An International, Award Winning Marketing Architect

Forget Marketing, Think Alignment! Helping you connect the dots… and ensuring every action you take, makes an impact!

About You and Who we Work Best with...

You are a Business Owner or Entrepreneur who is driven by a mission, purpose or legacy you want to leave behind and share with the world. (MOVED)

From Solopreneurs to Brands, who prefer quality over quantity, ethics and authenticity, wanting to create an experience for your people and are looking to make an impact.

Marketing Integration Eco-System ™

Our proven methodology is where we unearth all marketing elements that will work specifically for you. Ensuring that they match your ethos, strategy and brand, as well as speak to the people you want to work with by attracting them towards you.

Together we will create a customer journey and experience for your clients.



The Marketing Oracle Card Deck is a beautifully crafted collection filled with 53 pearls of wisdom to give you guidance, support and structure



One-to-One and tailor-made especially for you and your business. A focused approach, connecting the dots and giving you exact next steps

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Marketing Mastermind enabling you to work collaboratively and benefit from accountability for guaranteed growth



A 10-hour VIP Experience for those who are looking to move forward quickly and get things done there and then



Marketing Masterclasses enabling you to learn, forge your own path and become better at marketing

How do we help you?


We connect the dots…

You have a website, do social and email marketing, go networking… You do it all, but the reason you are not growing is because none of it is connected.

Integrated Marketing is a combination of traditional and digital marketing activities. When assembled well, marketing integration creates an organic and natural customer journey for the right people to find you.

Helping you increase brand awareness, so you are seen as an expert, by the right people so you can have better conversations. Essentially turning window shoppers into raving fans.

Who this is for?


Integrated Marketing is for…

… those who are ready to find and show their difference, become crystal clear on their message, work with the best people and deliver an amazing offering and experience to their people.

You are now looking for structure, clarity, consistency and confidence in putting yourself and your business out there even more, but most importantly, professionally and authentically.

You are now ready for the next level of business growth.

What is The Marketing Integration Eco-System™?

It is our very own proven methodology to help you build and put in place an organic, ethical, authentic and self-sustainable systems and processes within your business.

This is so you can get everything in order by connecting the dots, be seen as the expert in your industry, be found and approached by your perfect clients and make more money!

1. How long does it take?

The answer is it depends…

It depends on how quickly you want to move, how long you have been in business, what you currently have in place and how committed you are to making it happen.

2. What will we be looking at?

In short, everything.

We start off with an Unearthing Session, which is looking at where you are, where you want to be and filling in the gap by creating a strategy. We then move onto critical points of your business to ensure you get quick wins to see some changes before we look at each element in turn.

3. How does it work?

Everything we do with you encompasses our Marketing Integration Eco-System™ to create a journey and experience for your customers, however, depending on which service you choose to work with us, depends on how deep we go.

4. Why is it right for you?

You may have been wondering HOW to get to your next level for a while and have not yet been able to do it.

Going round in circles to stay where you have been for a while.

We will rebuild your foundations, so your business is able to grow the way you’ve always wanted it to.

This is beyond marketing. This is about customer experience, enabling you to be the best you can be for yourself and your clients, as well as retention and referral growth.

5. Why it will not work for you...

If you are looking for quality over quantity, then you are in the right place.

If your looking for a “quick fix” this will not work for you, here’s why…

The way we work enables you to have crystal clear clarity on what you want to achieve and focuses you on getting there. To do that we need to start at the beginning to ensure everything from your brand, message, audience, website, content, email marketing and all other marketing materials and activities you carry out, are on point.

We review what you currently have, so you grow stronger, have clarity, confidence in yourself and within your business, so it all become consistent and business starts to flow.

The Marketing Oracle Card Deck

53 Pearls of Wisdom for the Spiritual, Passionate and Purpose Led. Helping you to gain clarity, take action, be seen and make more money!

The Marketing Oracle Cards

As soon as I saw the cards I was like, Thank you, now you’re talking my language! Alignment, elements and spirituality, I get so I’m feeling inspired and excited for once about my marketing and love my new tools!

Becki Marie Douglas

Wellbeing Empowerer

Whilst the cards and box are of exceptional quality both physically and visually. I’m just (if not even more) delighted with the calibre of content found on each card and the supporting guidebook.

Jay Allen

Business Scale Sherpa

The cards have been absolutely fantastic in helping me to achieve my goals. I’ve created my own little system to help me gain the most out of each card and they have actually already assisted the business!

Emma Simms

Marketing Executive

Survival Kit

Within our Survival Kit are the tools you need to survive in marketing. It includes blogs, our post cast as well as tips and tricks.


Within this journal are my thoughts, ideas, observations, how to’s… to help you gain more clarity and confidence with your marketing, focus on your business goals and build a recognisable brand…



Integrate to Influence is our Podcast for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the marketing world and how it functions in the best way for you…



This is our Marketing Integration Map Infographic – showing you all of the different elements within marketing and how they are all connected…


About the Founder of Koogar

I initially qualified as a Graphic Designer and went onto to learn how to “build the Internet” by creating Animations, studying code and advancing skills within User Experience (UX) of websites in 1998. Going on to create some of the largest sites in the UK (including Liverpool Football Club and HSBC) and marketing them to ensure the best return for the investment made.

I founded Koogar in 2006 whilst working full time as an Internet Developer.

I have used my former experience to develop the Marketing Integration Eco-System™, which allows companies of all sizes to review ALL aspects of their marketing to see if it is integrated together and working as it should.

Over the years, Koogar have worked with thousands of the Solopreneurs, Business Owners and Marketing Managers who; exhibit pride, passion and commitment in what they do, want to work organically and be seen authentically, taking the time to get things right and be in front of the right people with their brand, products and services.


“Amanda is awesome. Spent a couple of hours with her, and it turned out that I had stacks of things to work on that I’d never even considered. Only halfway through the list of things she suggested, and I’ve started getting new business already! Thanks Amanda!!!

I can’t speak highly enough of the time, efforts, ideas, encouragement, support, knowledge I received from Amanda. I feel a whole new energy for my business and a complete drive to push things forward now.

“Amanda always gets straight to the point and during one-to-one marketing calls. I’ve gone to her with a list of questions but come away with reassurance and more answers than I expected and feeling energised with an action plan to get real results.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!