Finding clients is THE number one reason why people market, however many struggle. So… I have created a list of 111 ways to find your people, community or tribe. There are many things you can do besides Social Media that still work REALLY well.

So, I shall be sharing a blog post on each one to give you ideas, suggestions and examples of how I’ve made this work for me and my clients.


You’ve heard this before, but I bet you’re not doing it.

One of the things I notice is that clients I work with are not in the same place as their clients, even though they believe they are.

I’m not just talking about Social Media.


How do you get in front of your people?

Marketing should contain a number of online and offline activities for you to be seen by those you can help the most. Social is great, but it’s the glue to the other activities.

The reason for this is because they don’t know enough about their people, community or tribe.

The importance of finding your tribe shouldn’t be underestimated!

Being and working/(collaborating) with your people will provide a sense of purpose, a reason to interact with others and even proven health and wellbeing benefits.

You set your business up to work + collaborate with THE best clients.

The ones that “get” you and know you’re the right person.

They understand why you ask them the tough questions, challenge them and are willing to do the work.


So where are your people?

Instead of getting caught up with your “own default” and where YOU want to be (which leads to wasting time, no engagement or business), be where your people are.

Let me give you an example…

In April 2022, I made the decision to go on recon to spend time with more of my people.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs who are here to make an impact with their business, by being of service to their people.

These people are my people!

Remembering what a Spiritual Entrepreneur is.

“Spiritual entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to serve and uplift others while doing what brings them great joy” – Gabby Bernstein


You can see my definition here –

Where did I go to find my people?

I decided to spend 3 full days at the Mind, Body Spirit Festival in London Olympia, because that is where Spiritual Entrepreneurs hang out. They have stands there, they want to meet more people and make the impact I’ve been talking about.

Found a place to stay close to the venue, so I could walk and didn’t have to get a train every day.

Walked round each stand looking at the layouts, designs and sizes, because I wanted to understand if this was a place for me and Koogar?

Should we have a stand?

It was the best 3 days ever!

I got to spend time with the people I love, in an environment that makes me feels good and to see how they do business.

Did a yoga session, meditated, ate amazing food, listened to speakers to see what facilities they had and more.

I immersed myself with them and it reminded me why I do what I do.

A number of people shuffled my card deck and the pulls were ABSOLUTLY amazing for each person, so much so, I sold 2 card decks while I was there.

I came away from the Festival with an abundance of information, great conversations and debriefed myself on the way home.

I know how my stand would be, what would work as a lead magnet, how much the stands are, where is the best place to have one. Plus, the amounts and types of people who went.

I even treated myself to a new ring, which is STUNNING!


Another example I can give is…

In the early years of running my business I did a lot of training at a gym as well as martial arts.

So, I asked the Gym Manager if I could put a poster on the notice board as I was running a 6-week Marketing Workshop and they said yes!

One of the women is walked, rowed and went to fitness classes with came along to the workshop and ended up being a client for 11 years. During this period I earned a little over £13,000 from her over that time.

I know the people I work with look after themselves in some way. Like going to the gym, swimming, walking, yoga, pilates, running, etc.

And because of this I made myself visible in the places they spent time in.

So… where are your people?

If you know them intimately, they are VERY easy to find.

But you need to know them first.

If you need help in understanding who your people are AND then working out where you need to be to be seen by them, Book an Unearthing Session with me (it’s free) so I can help you gather momentum, be seen and make the impact you’re here to make.

The photo of the Goombay Dancers was taken by Akil Simmons