A word of the year has become an exercise taken up by those wanting to be intentional and on purpose with what they are looking at achieve and moving into the next cycle.

Whether your year ends on the traditional date on 31st of December, Solstice, Equinox or on Chinese New Year celebrating the lunisolar and solar year, one cycle ends, and another begins.

So how do you choose a word, words or phrase of the year?

First, why choose a Word of the Year?

It sets an intention so that every action you take for an entire year has some meaning behind it and it keeps you on track to deliver on your dreams.

This could also be an alternative to goal setting.

Every decision, idea, thought and action you take will be based on this word and if the thing you are about to do is in alignment.

There are times when we stray off the path, because of someone or something else’s desires seem more important than your own. This serves no one!

5 Steps to choose your Word of the Year?


1. Reflect

What has happened in 2022? Think of the good, bad and indifferent. List it all and take your time to summarise.

2. Vision

What is your vision for the year ahead? What would you like to achieve? Personally and professionally and what will it all look like.

3. Feelings

Now you see what you want / would love to achieve, how will this make you feel. Journal on what it is like when you have accomplished all the things in your Vision.

4. 3-5 words

Choose between 3 and 5 words and sift through them and work out which one is the most motivational word for you based on steps 1,2,3.

5. Become

You have reflected, envisioned, felt and now you need to become. Become the person who has already achieved the things in your vision.

Let me know how you get on with choosing the word for 2023 and what it means to you and please share your word/words and your why.

When we share our truth and are witnessed, magic happens!

My Word of the Year is…


Full Power!

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Amanda's (Koogar's) word of the year