Do you love your website?We are constantly looking at our website on how to improve the user experience of it, the message we want to get out about us and the functionality needed for those who would like to work with us.

When we design and build websites we want our clients to look at their sites and say “I love my site”, be proud to show it off and not say “Oh, don’t look at it, it needs updating”. By spending time every week looking at our website we have created an update list and a wish list of design changes, call to action tweaks and functionality add ons that we would like to do ensuring our site is working perfectly and giving out the right message to the right people.

I have heard recently of web designers that don’t have their own website, which I find a little strange but at the same time understand why. By not having a site, you are not going to be found and people cannot see you as a business or supplier they could work with. On the flip side, whist constantly building websites it is hard to get the time to look at your own and change it for the better.

We usually redesign our site every 2 years (last designed December 2013) to keep it fresh and the brand a live, enhancing it every time. So I would like to ask you;

When was the last time you looked at your website with pride or with an understanding that it needs to be updated in some way?

We recently helped a client with her website, which was designed and built by another company but more importantly it hadn’t been updated in 6 years. The site is a static HTML site and has a very strong brand. Koogar looked at the site and had a meeting with the MD to find out what had changed within the company and how she would like to use the website moving forward. After a few hours in a focused meeting, we came away with a list of actions to complete with timescales in place so we could update this site.

We didn’t rebuild a new website but worked with what we had. Baring in mind this client already uses Social Media and Email Marketing, plus a dash of video/screen casts, we put new pages together, tidied up code, added new keywords for SEO, submitted it to search engines and added new content by making the site relevant and dynamic. This site now gives away free templates whist capturing user details, enabling the client to keep in touch with the people who are downloading the resources.

In the last 12 weeks since the updated version of the site has gone live, the website has been found across the ‘World’, with an increase in Website Traffic of 191%. This has also had a positive impact on YouTube views (these are linked into the Website) from 92 Countries with the number of views increasing by 227%. Templates have also been downloaded from UK, USA, South America, India and Australia!!

Koogar don’t just create brand new sites, we also breathe life into existing sites.

Excel Ace said;

I always thought I didn’t really need a Website, but I simply cannot argue with these results!! The changes have not only been awesome at increasing the exposure for Excel Ace, but have also saved me time, as Template Downloads are also linked into my E-Mail Marketing, so this now happens automatically! This makes the experience for the User super fast and efficient, which is the exact image I want Excel Ace to portray!! I can also now direct Clients and potential new Clients directly to my website, as it’s so up to date with all of the Services that Excel Ace offers.”

Koogar want you to love your website and urge you to create a snag list or wish list, so you can grow your online offering and build a better awareness of your brand. By changing your site regularly and adding a new and improved offering more and more people will come back to see what you are up to now.

If you need help, feel free to contact Amanda on 01925 699 240 and just to have a chat about things. Book a 30 minute call now!