Marketing Planning Day

At Koogar we often encounter businesses that are struggling with their marketing, for one reason or another. While in some cases this can be due to lack of creativity or low levels of motivation, more regularly it is due to the lack of structure, planning and to an extent expertise or understanding.

Every year we hold a marketing planning day and this year it is  on the 7th of December at the Liverpool and Sefton Chambers of Commerce.

The “Transform your Marketing” workshop will enable you to add structure, understanding and consequently targeting to your marketing to ensure you are communicating in the right way, with the right people on the right platform.

To do this we will be taking you on a journey through your business, helping you develop a deeper understanding of your offering(s), as the better you understand your business, the easier it is to market it effectively.


For this journey understanding is key, so we will be looking into developing a much more fine grained perspective of your business. This includes not only:

  • what your business is doing well, but also not so well
  • who your customers are
  • who you would like them to be
  • how your business is different
  • and how you can develop a sustainable competitive advantage over your competitors and more!

This level of understanding is needed to enable you to identify the customers that can truly benefit from your services, as this facilitates the creation of thoughtfully targeted marketing campaigns that are far more cost effective.

This is because they enable you to communicate with the people who are interested in your products and service, instead of “everyone”.


Once a deeper understanding of who we want to target, and what the business is good at has been developed we will undertake a marketing audit. This will involve the Koogar team looking at your marketing communications and using their expertise to critique both traditional and digital elements. This is important, because it supplies you with a fresh set of completely honest eyes that can engage with your marketing communications and tell you what is working, what isn’t, if there are consistency or experiential issues, if the focus is wrong and what the customer experience is actually like.

This is really important as it gives you the opportunity to change what isn’t quite right in relation to your marketing to ensure you are consistently communicating in an engaging and relevant way with your customers.


Finally, as was mentioned initially, we will aim to add structure to your marketing. This is where we use the newly developed understanding and clearer perspective of what is working and what isn’t to develop a 12 month marketing plan.

This plan will add structure to your marketing on a day-to-day basis, by outlining specific content that should be created and sent out each and every day. This can range from creating a podcast one day, to a YouTube video another or even a Facebook live.

Each of these will be completely tailored to your marketing needs, your target audience and the amount of time you have available to spend on marketing your business.

Structure will also be added to you marketing in the form of measurable elements that will outline how effective your marketing is, while also considering your sales process and how that could be altered to improve conversion.

Attending this workshop will truly transform your marketing through the increased understanding leading to much more considered marketing communications, but it is important that you are not too scared of change.

This workshop’s aim is to look at your business and marketing in an honest and open way to produce a marketing plan that will enable you to engage with your target audience in a more meaningful, well thought through and cost-effective way.

So, if you feel your marketing needs transforming for 2017 then visit the Facebook event or Eventbrite page for more details and to purchase tickets!