Caradoc - Koogar Speaking Annual Conference 2016Just last week Amanda and I attended the Caradoc Medical Services Annual Conference and Awards in Shrewsbury Town Football Club. Caradoc are a not-for-profit medical supplies buying consortium that support medical suppliers in their drive for better prices for their goods and services.

Koogar are approved suppliers to both Caradoc’s suppliers and GP and Dental Practice Managers. This includes a range of tasks from training GP Practice and Marketing Managers in the best practices on social media, to pitching our marketing services to Caradoc suppliers.

At the Caradoc Annual Conference #caradocontheup (30th June 2016), Amanda was asked to present for the 2nd Year to a number of the members, suppliers and GP Practice Managers. The topic of the talk was “Marketing Overwhelm – How to deal with it”.

Amanda talked about how it is essentially important in marketing to not get overwhelmed by the extremely broad range of options.

Instead to focus on your target audience, and narrowing down you marketing effort to ensure you are not wasting time and money attracting people who are fundamentally not interested.

Furthermore, it was about recognising the importance of social media and how important it truly is for engaging with your audience in an effective and engaging way.

One of the main reasons why we gave this specific presentation last week was because we recognise that many of the Suppliers, GP Managers and Dental Practise Managers that Caradoc are involved with struggle with marketing overwhelm just like everyone else.

This is often because it is very new approach, and because there is such a wide variety of options in terms of platforms that it is difficult to know what is best and what is effective. Therefore, we can help any general practice managers, dental practice managers or suppliers with any marketing assistance they may need. From a full marketing plan to a range of smaller bolt-on services and training services, such as social media workshops or one-to-one consultations.

Here is the Founder of Koogar, Amanda at the Caradoc Conference outlining what we do, and why we are the best choice for medical businesses aiming to produce focused and effective marketing communications…