Digital Alphabet: “B” for Blogging

A blog is short for “Web Log”. Its basically an online diary where you can keep track of what your company has been up to or to tell people about what you can do for them.

Why should I blog is one of the main questions I get asked on a regular basis and there are many reasons to blog.

One of the main reasons is to educate your audience to understand what you or your product can do for them.

Getting new business is a key to survival in business and sometimes you may come across people who don’t really understand what you do and how you can help them. Answering questions for them is a great way to help them understand, as I said education is the way to go.

So what questions do you get asked on a regular basis?

We always get “So how much is a website?” and our reply, 99.9% of the time is “It depends on what you want and what your company needs. We can give you a guideline/ball park figure but really it would be best to sit down with you to find out all of your requirements”….

By blogging and answering the questions you get asked on a daily basis you will slowly build up an FAQ, which can be used again and again. Go to our Blogging Page to find out more…

Marketing Tip #28: Comment Selfishly!

At the Koogar HQ we have been discussing our blogs and Marketing Tips and what we want from them.  The first obvious answer is, of course, to supply our users with hopefully useful information, which they can implement into their business. 

Secondly, our blogs are there to tell you what we have been up to, events or workshops that we think are beneficial for you as well as the wonderfully random blogs that focus on areas not directly related to us, but that we know others will find extremely useful.

And finally…they are there as a forum so people can share their experiences.  For example, if you have tried one of the Marketing Tips and want to tell people if it helped or not or if you tweaked it to fit your business.  So we really want you to COMMENT on this information!

However, we don’t just want you to comment for our sake, oh no.  Commenting is a great way to get links from another website to your own, which helps to push you up the search engine rankings.  Commenting is also a great way to raise your profile and awareness of your business. 

When people start to comment within a forum, bouncing ideas and experiences off one another, others become aware of Joe Blogs from Joe Blogs Ltd, which lets face it could lead to new opportunities which you would never have been made aware of if you hadn’t COMMENTED in the first place.  So commenting really can be selfish, but in the best possible and most productive way!

So, don’t be shy, start commenting!

Tips on choosing the perfect copywriter…

Many people may be at a loss as to why they should consider hiring a copywriter.  Luckily for them we have a new Copywriting page on our web site that explains exactly what a copywriter is, what they can do and why they are so important.

However, it’s all very well and good if you decide to hire a copywriter, but how do you go about choosing the right one?

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect copywriter for you and your business…

  • Determine your key points: Before hiring a copywriter you need to figure out what exactly you want from them.  You need to have a good idea about who you are trying to promote to your target audience, what response you are looking for from them and what your Unique Selling Point (USP) is.
  • Don’t do business over the telephone: It’s always a good idea to arrange to meet your possible copywriter in person so you gain a better understanding of them and them of you.  Although people say there is no emotion in business, it is important that you get along with each other as you’ll be working closely together.  Make sure the copywriter knows about your business and more importantly sounds interested in it as the more understanding they have of your business, the better they’ll be at writing about it or for it.
  • Remember ~ you get what you pay for: This speaks for itself, but you will always find someone who can do it cheaper.  However, why can they do it cheaper? Do they have experience, do you like them, are they professional ,etc?  A good copywriter may charge more, but you’ll get so much more out of it.

So, whether this has put your mind at rest about hiring a copywriter or not, remember the importance of wording in promoting your business and products and do not just rely on a well designed website or logo.

Laura’s Diary: Day 7 – Blogging and Microsites

Its been another jam packed day here at the Koogar office!

I have spent the morning working on the wording for the Email Marketing campaign micro-site.  After a couple of attempts I think I’ve finally cracked it- just need Amanda’s approval.  Once the site / page has been created I can upload the four pages I’ve been working on, which explains in a lot more detail what our email campaign is actually providing and why it is an important aspect of marketing for businesses.

I have also worked on the wording for another campaign we are currently working on; “If I had a pound…”  This is only on its first draft, but I am really pleased with how the whole campaign is progressing and can’t wait to get some feedback from prospective clients!

Throughout the afternoon I have been working on some new blog posts, which hopefully can either go onto the website by the end of today or tomorrow.  The new blog posts consist of tips, your competitors and things not to forget.  It came to Amanda’s attention from looking at the website that the blog posts seem to consist of just myself and Matt’s diary.  Now, there is nothing wrong with this as it means we ourselves, Amanda and visitors to the site can see how both myself and Matt are progressing in our new roles.  However, Amanda and I both felt the need for something other than a diary on this page.  As a result I now have a variety of topics which I am going to research and write a short blurb on so as to break up the diary entries and put some tantalising information up for clients and prospective clients to ponder over!

So, for the remainder of the afternoon (a whole hour) I am going to concentrate on the new blog posts and hopefully get one up on the website by 5pm- wish me luck!