A blog is short for “Web Log”. Its basically an online diary where you can keep track of what your company has been up to or to tell people about what you can do for them.

Why should I blog is one of the main questions I get asked on a regular basis and there are many reasons to blog.

One of the main reasons is to educate your audience to understand what you or your product can do for them.

Getting new business is a key to survival in business and sometimes you may come across people who don’t really understand what you do and how you can help them. Answering questions for them is a great way to help them understand, as I said education is the way to go.

So what questions do you get asked on a regular basis?

We always get “So how much is a website?” and our reply, 99.9% of the time is “It depends on what you want and what your company needs. We can give you a guideline/ball park figure but really it would be best to sit down with you to find out all of your requirements”….

By blogging and answering the questions you get asked on a daily basis you will slowly build up an FAQ, which can be used again and again. Go to our Blogging Page to find out more…