At the Koogar HQ we have been discussing our blogs and Marketing Tips and what we want from them.  The first obvious answer is, of course, to supply our users with hopefully useful information, which they can implement into their business. 

Secondly, our blogs are there to tell you what we have been up to, events or workshops that we think are beneficial for you as well as the wonderfully random blogs that focus on areas not directly related to us, but that we know others will find extremely useful.

And finally…they are there as a forum so people can share their experiences.  For example, if you have tried one of the Marketing Tips and want to tell people if it helped or not or if you tweaked it to fit your business.  So we really want you to COMMENT on this information!

However, we don’t just want you to comment for our sake, oh no.  Commenting is a great way to get links from another website to your own, which helps to push you up the search engine rankings.  Commenting is also a great way to raise your profile and awareness of your business. 

When people start to comment within a forum, bouncing ideas and experiences off one another, others become aware of Joe Blogs from Joe Blogs Ltd, which lets face it could lead to new opportunities which you would never have been made aware of if you hadn’t COMMENTED in the first place.  So commenting really can be selfish, but in the best possible and most productive way!

So, don’t be shy, start commenting!