Its been another jam packed day here at the Koogar office!

I have spent the morning working on the wording for the Email Marketing campaign micro-site.  After a couple of attempts I think I’ve finally cracked it- just need Amanda’s approval.  Once the site / page has been created I can upload the four pages I’ve been working on, which explains in a lot more detail what our email campaign is actually providing and why it is an important aspect of marketing for businesses.

I have also worked on the wording for another campaign we are currently working on; “If I had a pound…”  This is only on its first draft, but I am really pleased with how the whole campaign is progressing and can’t wait to get some feedback from prospective clients!

Throughout the afternoon I have been working on some new blog posts, which hopefully can either go onto the website by the end of today or tomorrow.  The new blog posts consist of tips, your competitors and things not to forget.  It came to Amanda’s attention from looking at the website that the blog posts seem to consist of just myself and Matt’s diary.  Now, there is nothing wrong with this as it means we ourselves, Amanda and visitors to the site can see how both myself and Matt are progressing in our new roles.  However, Amanda and I both felt the need for something other than a diary on this page.  As a result I now have a variety of topics which I am going to research and write a short blurb on so as to break up the diary entries and put some tantalising information up for clients and prospective clients to ponder over!

So, for the remainder of the afternoon (a whole hour) I am going to concentrate on the new blog posts and hopefully get one up on the website by 5pm- wish me luck!