Email MarketingEmail marketing is a great way to promote a yourself, a product, a business or service as it is direct and low in cost but more importantly by using the RIGHT software you can monitor the users progress – if the email:

  1. has been sent and delivered
  2. opened or bounced
  3. whether someone has clicked on a link or not
  4. where they have navigated to on your website or other links within the email
  5. has they forwarded it to a friend
  6. has been clicked on by the user on a Social Media icon to start following you
  7. unsubscribed
  8. where about in the country or world they are

And so on… It also saves so much time as it doesn’t involve writing addresses on and licking numerous envelopes even though this is still a great way to market yourself!

Many businesses are using email marketing now as they realise its marketing potential and effect it has.

Email Marketing isn’t meant to be read but used to move people from one place to another. It could be to sign-up to your Newsletter, download a document, watch a video or like your Facebook page. There are a number of Calls To Action you can use within the email to drive people to your website or YouTube Channel just remember to give them something to do once they have read.

How often do you send an email?

This completely depends on when you audience is expecting it… For example; if you are a Hair Dresser maybe every 6-8weeks, a Business Coach could send it once every two weeks but don’t take my word for it. Try it out yourself. How much have you got to say, what do you want them to know?

When sending emails try to ensure that you only sell something 1 time in every 4 emails you send.


There is a number of different software you can use but it depends on what you want. Our software also ties into our CRM which shows us who out of our clients have opened the email or not opened. Here are 2 that we think are REALLY good.

  • MailChimp – FREE for a certain amount of email addresses imported
  • Campaign Monitor – PAID and Koogar uses this!

What to say

What do your clients ask about on a regular basis? What issues, challenges or hurdles do they come up against and how can you help them over come it?

We always take the things we know for granted thinking that EVERYONE knows what we know and the simple fact of the matter is… THEY DON’T! People need to see you message between 7 – 15 times if not more until they are ready to buy…

[ctt title=”Don\’t give up after one attempt! #KoogarTip #EmailMarketing Follow @koogar” tweet=”Don’t give up after one attempt! #KoogarTip #EmailMarketing Follow @koogar” coverup=”k0GKg”]

Keep going until they say “NO! or Leave me alone, I don’t want it…”, which leads me onto…

Dealing with Unsubscribes

When we first started Email Marketing you take the unsubscribes personally for the simple fact that you can see WHO have unsubscribe or marked you as Spam but this shouldn’t be the case. The more unsubscribes you get just means that those people dont want what you have to offer. Which is OK! Just concentrate on the ones that DO want what you have on offer.

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