A C.T.A or “Call to Action” is where you tell the person to do something to move them to the next stage. For example; you may want them to fill in a form, pick up the telephone and call you, download a free white paper.

Whatever you want them to do, you NEED to tell them what to do next and make it easy for them to take the next step.

Here are a few “Calls to Action”;

  1. Insert an opt-in form on your web site if you have not done so. Consider what you will offer as an incentive to people who are considering opting-in. It could be something like a FREE Check List or EBook giving hints and tips
  2. Look into ways to increase the size of your list (joint opt-in, writing press releases, opening social bookmarking sites, networking, etc)
  3. Ask peers and business colleagues to visit your website and watch where they are clicking. Are they taking any action? Are they looking at your C.T.A? Offer them to tell their friends as well about your webpage and test if your CTA is working like it is supposed to.
  4. Look into a more detailed course or information on building your conversion rates such as our 10 ways of Building “YOUR List” blog article. Take two to three days to learn and implement these strategies and see how you get on.

This being said, there are still a lot of people who are interested in receiving valuable information from you. The problem comes that we ASSUME they already know this information, however we also should remember that people forget the basics and or want the next level!

You have to consider that people’s time and money is valuable and cannot expect them to send you money and buy into all the sales pitches you throw at them without having something that they can check you against.

I honestly think that if you offer good products and service, people will be more than happy to use and refer them.

Once your web pages have a C.T.A, you need to nurture them with quality information and graphics. It can be hard to constantly provide good informational graphics and updated services. This is where such a service as an auto-responder can prove of great value but that’s another blog post…

We are more than happy to chat over the telephone to give you a bit of help and guidence. Feel free to contact Amanda on 01925 699 240!

We’d like to hear about the “Calls to Action” you use either on your website or other marketing materials. Just comment below to let us know how you do it!