What is a Marketing Managers role?One of the most common issues we experience here at Koogar is business owners not fully understanding marketing, and therefore becoming confused with what a marketing manager should be doing from day to day. While we understand that marketing is a very complicated area of business that in many ways is involved in every area of the business, it is essential that all business owners accurately understand what marketing is and therefore what a marketing manager’s responsibilities should be.

Thus, marketing is the process where by individuals identify, anticipate and satisfy customer needs, wants and desires profitably.

This definition needs to be broken down into three main sections as these are the areas of the business within which marketing managers must be involved.


Firstly, identify – This is one of the key responsibilities of a marketing managers, as they must identify the target market which the business is aiming to reach. This often includes market research, data analysis and detailed profile generation. This is the essential starting place for all marketing managers, as the entire business should be aligned with attracting their target market. Once this foundation of the business is in place the next stage of marketing must be considered.

Anticipate & Satisfy

This is anticipate and satisfy – For businesses to be successful they must not only identify their target market, they must understand those consumers in detail. If they understand those consumers and the way in which they behave then they can anticipate changes in their consumer needs and therefore effectively meet them on a consistent basis.

This aids the development of a sustainable competitive advantages, as if you understand your customer’s needs, wants, worries, desires, frustration etc better than your rivals then you will be able to solve your customers problems better and thus out compete your competitors.

Furthermore, if you understand your customers in a detailed way then you will know where to find them, both physically and online and the way in which to talk to them, therefore making marketing communications much simpler. This solves the issues many marketing managers have of identifying which social media platforms to be on, and where their marketing communications should be. Therefore, the second area in which a marketing manager should be focusing their attention is on understanding customers.


The third are of concern for marketeers is profitability – This is the obvious one and the area which is focused upon most intensely. Yes, marketing is about getting firms messages out there and effectively increasing profitability by attracting the right people to their goods and services on a consistent basis. Highlighting the economic elements of marketing, which includes both the budgets and economic targets. But, it is essential to consider the importance of the first two parts of marketing first, as if these are skipped out or not implemented fully, marketing will not be as effective as is possible.

As if these stages are skipped the employees are essentially not marketing staff, they are sales individuals which is a completely different role, responsibility and profession.

One key way in which the economic side of marketing can be effectively monitored is through analytics, as this outlines the input and the output in a much clearer way, showcasing how important marketing is for all businesses.

Therefore, it is essential that business owners understand these three distinct stages of marketing, the difference between marketing and sales employees and therefore the roles and responsibilities that a marketing manager should be tackling.

This is critically important, not only for the success of the businesses marketing, but also in terms of motivation and stability. As for stability businesses need motivated and successful employees, and job roles that match the job title can go a long way to generating that motivation and consequently the stability.