SEO vs Social MediaSocial Media is one of Koogar’s specialist subjects when it come to training business owners WHY and HOW to get the most from sharing content, finding followers and connecting with the right people.

We have been asked on a number of occassions about which is better – Social Media or Search Engine Optimisation?

Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are both powerful marketing tools that businesses are given easy access today. As powerful tools for marketing, both are recognized as great ways in driving traffic to your website. Even though business owners have an idea on how powerful and necessary these are in their marketing campaign, most still find their selves in conflict of which to choose between the two. Some wonders if it would be a good decision to just settle on one. There are also others who are wondering whether it would be worth to invest more than the other.

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So, what is the answer?

Comparison of the two most Powerful Tools for Marketing today

Social media is powerful. However, there are limits to this, and that would be when it is not properly used. When that happens, the campaign would only become a total bust.

Just consider the fact that even if most businesses today have Facebook page, only a small percentage of it truly gets impressive results from their Facebook marketing efforts. In other words, for Facebook efforts to lead to great results, it must come with great thought, concept and advertising.

That is one difference that social media has with SEO. The former takes more thought than compared to the latter. It is true that both of the marketing tools remain difficult to surpass these days’ educated competitors. Still, Search Engine Optimisation remains much more straightforward than social media. With the former, you can simply pick keywords relevant to your business and start working on getting yourself closer to the top.

Google Keyword Planner is a great tool and one you may consider using.

Yes, it may not be easy to get to the top rankings. But the difference is that your goals and the path you have to take to reach them are clear. Apart from the lack of straightforwardness, social media also comes with different platforms which are not to be used by everyone but to be used to “hang around” with your ideal customer. In result, you are also required to make different effort for each of the campaign based on the platforms to be used as they all had different terminology and etticate.

Which has the Edge?

With SEO, you only have to work on rankings on search engines with your target keywords to get discovered and enable awareness to your business. It also comes with a lot of tools you can use to know or at least have an idea about what people are mostly searching for. The good thing about this aspect of SEO is that it may not let you acquire a specific amount of searches a month. But, you are provided with the information that this certain keyword is more popularly searched over other keywords.

Social Media on the other hand contributes hugely on customer’s purchasing behaviour.

On a report made by the EConsultancy, they found that about 75% of people within the age bracket of 18 to 26 often base their purchase decisions on social site recommendations.

Hence, business owners only have to work on their social media presence to increase the awareness of their brand.

Another good thing about this social media is it helps the business owners respond to any criticisms in real-time. This is something that SEO cannot do. Complaints can be easily turned into compliments since the social offers its users the ability to respond immediately.

There are a lot more benefits and differences these marketing tools can offer. But based on what is already provided, it can be concluded that both are powerful. But these two share different capabilities which when combined can prove to be highly beneficial!

We’d like to hear from you

Which do you use, Social Media and/or SEO and what have the results been since you have used them?