How is your Brand Image?It has been proven that the feelings and images we associate with a brand are extremely powerful and influential when we purchase something.  It means we associate buying a certain product with certain feelings and images of ourselves.

For example, if you bought a Gucci handbag with Gucci across the front it could make you feel important, fashionable, professional etc.  Or, if you’re gentleman (and Gucci handbags are not your thing) then if you’ve bought an Armani suit or a Tiltleist driver for instance, how would you feel?

Basically, to know whether your brand is strong you need to ask people what they think of when you mention your business name and product.

If they say anything which is not linked to an emotion or image such as cost and if responses vary considerably then your brand is weak.

I’ll leave you with this thought…what do you immediately think of if I say yellow capital ‘M’?  The majority of people would think of McDonald’s, which shows how popular, well known and strong the brand is.

So how strong is your brand…?

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