What are Telesales and Webinars?  They are, in essence, talks; presentations you can give to a wide audience on an area of your expertise, which you think people will

1) be interested in and

2) will benefit from the information you provide

There is a lot you can do with telesales or webinars:

  • You can provide training via them.
  • You can promote or sell a product or service to an audience interested in them.
  • You can provide information, advice and guidance on subjects that will benefit people.

There are a number of reasons why hosting a telesales or webinar are useful:

  • Your audience capacity can be as large as you want as you are not confined to a room.
  • Your audience can listen in or watch in their preferred environment.
  • You can charge a smaller amount for any training etc you put on as you have no overheads (i.e. a room, refreshments etc), which may tempt more people to listen in or watch.
  • You are raising the profile of your business, especially through webinars, as search engines will pick up on your business, name and webinar title, especially if you have a lot of interest in it.

Listen out for and keep your eyes peeled for Koogar’s very own Audio/Webinars in the New Year!

*For more information about telesales or webinars, please feel free to contact us

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