What to say when bloggingBefore I start, can you answer the following three questions:

1: Are you unsure why you should be blogging?

2: Unsure what to write about when it comes to blogging?

3: Do you want more traffic to your website?

If you have answered yes to one or all of these questions, then blogging is the next marketing activity you should get into, if you haven’t done so already.

What is blogging?

Blog is short for weblog, which is essentially an article or a diary entry on your website about your company or you. Blogging is also a way of expressing yourself, your opinion about the products, services and the world if you wanted too. There is no limit to the type of content you can talk about.

Some people find writing a relief and perfect expression of themselves.

Some people don’t think they can write (and many can’t) however, this is about adding your own personality, stamp and brand behind your opinions.

People buy from people and they do care about what YOU think.

But WHY should you blog?

Blogging is essentially a form of search engine optimisation for your website and content marketing. When done well, blogging will give your website a more organic rank in the search engine.

If you think about how you use the internet yourself, when you are searching for a product or service on Google or Bing, the keywords you are typing in should bring up the most relevant websites for you there and then.

This is also based on your geographic location.

Therefore, you should be blogging and how you will naturally get more traffic to your website.

You actually have A LOT to say!

In fact, we all do!

Being unsure about WHAT to say comes when you think the information you want to share is potentially boring or no one would want to read it. The reason you think this is because YOU know the information already.

When it comes to ANY form of marketing, we should be thinking WHY we are doing it and what is the call to action for the reader because of it.

If a person reads your blog, what outcome do you want from that?

For Koogar, its about being seen as the expert in our field and then for the reader to eventually turn into a customer based on what we have to say. We want them to come back time and time again to read our information, which not only gives us more hits to the website but also shows us what type of content is relevant to our readers.

To know what to say, you need to understand your reader/perfect client first.

Here are 6 questions to ask yourself:

  1. What do they search for?
  2. What do they want to know about the products or services you have?
  3. How and when do they make the decision to buy?
  4. Why have they bought from you and not someone else?
  5. What is in fashion/trending/on the news now?
  6. What questions/f.a.q’s are your customers currently asking you or your team?

You may find this information boring but I’m sure you would ask several questions if you were going to buy something for yourself or someone else.

Questions lead to answers, answers lead to customer rapport and customer rapport leads to profit – Jay Conrad-Levinson

Ask you customers what challenges they face when buying something for someone and answer that question on your website.

What next?

Just because you have written a blog doesn’t mean that everyone will see it or that it should just stay on your website.

People consume content in many different ways and if your customer needs to see your “message” between 7 – 15 times BEFORE they buy then you need to keep sharing.

Sharing doesn’t mean just in that day or week you could re-share content over the year IF its relevant. This is called “evergreen” content. T can be shared in your email marketing, on Instagram using an image and some text to point people to where you want them to go.

Blogs could be turned into Vlogs. A vlog is a video log which is a video article or diary entry. It maybe that you want to show someone HOW to wear a certain product and what kind of clothes you would wear it with.

This can be done with collaboration with other types of businesses that have the same kind of customer that you do but don’t sell what you sell.

Blogging along with all other marketing activities should be brought into your marketing mix and used alongside all other marketing activities within your business. This is called Integrated Marketing…

Integrate to influence – Integrate your marketing to influence your customers by taking them on a journey…