SEO vs. Social Media

SEO vs. Social Media

SEO vs Social MediaSocial Media is one of Koogar’s specialist subjects when it come to training business owners WHY and HOW to get the most from sharing content, finding followers and connecting with the right people.

We have been asked on a number of occassions about which is better – Social Media or Search Engine Optimisation?

Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are both powerful marketing tools that businesses are given easy access today. As powerful tools for marketing, both are recognized as great ways in driving traffic to your website. Even though business owners have an idea on how powerful and necessary these are in their marketing campaign, most still find their selves in conflict of which to choose between the two. Some wonders if it would be a good decision to just settle on one. There are also others who are wondering whether it would be worth to invest more than the other.

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So, what is the answer?

Comparison of the two most Powerful Tools for Marketing today

Social media is powerful. However, there are limits to this, and that would be when it is not properly used. When that happens, the campaign would only become a total bust.

Just consider the fact that even if most businesses today have Facebook page, only a small percentage of it truly gets impressive results from their Facebook marketing efforts. In other words, for Facebook efforts to lead to great results, it must come with great thought, concept and advertising.

That is one difference that social media has with SEO. The former takes more thought than compared to the latter. It is true that both of the marketing tools remain difficult to surpass these days’ educated competitors. Still, Search Engine Optimisation remains much more straightforward than social media. With the former, you can simply pick keywords relevant to your business and start working on getting yourself closer to the top.

Google Keyword Planner is a great tool and one you may consider using.

Yes, it may not be easy to get to the top rankings. But the difference is that your goals and the path you have to take to reach them are clear. Apart from the lack of straightforwardness, social media also comes with different platforms which are not to be used by everyone but to be used to “hang around” with your ideal customer. In result, you are also required to make different effort for each of the campaign based on the platforms to be used as they all had different terminology and etticate.

Which has the Edge?

With SEO, you only have to work on rankings on search engines with your target keywords to get discovered and enable awareness to your business. It also comes with a lot of tools you can use to know or at least have an idea about what people are mostly searching for. The good thing about this aspect of SEO is that it may not let you acquire a specific amount of searches a month. But, you are provided with the information that this certain keyword is more popularly searched over other keywords.

Social Media on the other hand contributes hugely on customer’s purchasing behaviour.

On a report made by the EConsultancy, they found that about 75% of people within the age bracket of 18 to 26 often base their purchase decisions on social site recommendations.

Hence, business owners only have to work on their social media presence to increase the awareness of their brand.

Another good thing about this social media is it helps the business owners respond to any criticisms in real-time. This is something that SEO cannot do. Complaints can be easily turned into compliments since the social offers its users the ability to respond immediately.

There are a lot more benefits and differences these marketing tools can offer. But based on what is already provided, it can be concluded that both are powerful. But these two share different capabilities which when combined can prove to be highly beneficial!

We’d like to hear from you

Which do you use, Social Media and/or SEO and what have the results been since you have used them?

[Video] #socialmediafrustration – 7 Reasons WHY you should be using Social Media

Got a little frustrated with the decision makers in a company for NOT allowing the Head Marketing Manager from doing her job. So, I decided to make a video about it and give 7 Reasons WHY you should be using Social Media!

Marketing isn’t what get you business, marketing gets you awareness,

It’s what you do with that awareness that then gets you the business!

Video is 11 minutes 10 seconds.

Let me know if this has happened or is currently happening to you by commenting below and telling us your thoughts, fears and frustrations with regards to not being allowed to implement new ideas and suggestions or just being told you haven’t got time or it simply won’t work.

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Koogar’s #blab Debut with

The Director, Cindy-Michelle Waterfield of invited me to hold a #Blab Interview to talk about Integrated Marketing; what is integrated marketing, why it is important and how do you know if you are doing it right.

Here is a direct link –

Or you can watch this #blab interview below. It is over an hour long ([01:12:32]), so go and grab a cuppa before pressing play.

At the end of the interview Cindy-Michelle asks me to share a link to my FREE EBook, so here it is:

I’d love to hear your comments, thoughts and observations so please leave your comment below.

Time is of the essence!

How do you get more customers buying, sharing, retweeting, linking in with you, checking in, re-pinning, forwarding, referring and recommending.

Social media at the moment is the marketing technique that all businesses are grabbing with both hands. Everyone wants to know how to utilise it in the best way for their business to get all of the above.

Last year (2012), Koogar has wrote a proposal for a project worth £3,500 by just introducing ourselves on Twitter with 2 tweets, to a company who was being specific and looking for a service Koogar provides. And this is happening more and more often!

This particular company asked for a Web Design company with a certain background. So they were specific in their request and it just so happened that I had personally worked with these types of companies in the past during my career.

The time Koogar spends online is phenomenal. We might as well have a USB plugged into the back of our heads. But time is one of the most precious commodities we have. Once it’s spent we cannot get it back, so how do Koogar use it wisely?

Money makes a man and that’s a crime… If we all were rich we’d spend more time” – Snoop Lion (No Guns Allowed)

The first thing in Marketing you need to know and consistenty work on is who your target audience is. We do not sell to “any body who…” we sell to a particular type of person and as a company we may have 2 or 3 different types of people we sell to depending on the product/service they want.

If you can understand your target audience, you can follow, watch, listen and learn from them and find out what their needs are as needs change on a regular basis.

Being on the right platform at the right time is the most important thing to do. So my question to you is “When and where is your target audience on Social Media?”. Let’s say you’re a catering company you might have two audiences:

  1. Personal (Weddings/Christenings) – These people are going to be in work for most of the day and will check Social Media in the morning before work (730am-8am), lunch time (12pm-2pm) and when at home maybe after tea (6pm-9pm).
  2. Businesses (Gala Dinners/Christmas Parties) – Business owners might well be on Social Media throughout the day or have a team member who looks after everything for them. They may have key times to check emails and updates. Let’s say 11am and 3pm.

Timing is important so think how you use Social Media on a daily basis; personally and for business and then think about how your target audience would use Social Media.

We cannot be relevant to all people all of the time so let’s use our time wisely.

Get social and engage!

Article written for The Edge Magazine (2012)

How can you “Engage” your audience?

Engagement is the buzz word around Social Media and should in all honesty be around all of your marketing. You want to make people feel and think about you, your company, product or service and to do that you need to engage the audience. You have to start a conversation that relates to them that will also spur them into action!

What action do you say? Well it’s whatever action you would like them to take. For example; When someone arrives on your website and finds what they were looking for, what is the next action they should take? Or when you meet a new contact at a network meeting or in a conference, what do you say to them that makes them want to ask you the next question?

Meaning of engagement; involve somebody. Become involved.

So how do you engage your audience with your business giving them an authentic experience of your brand, company personality and product or service?

#1: The quickest and easiest way to do this is to get to know them better!

What do they like and what don’t they like.

How do they see your product/ service?

Have you asked them if you can improve what you do in some way?

Engagement is about becoming involved with the people you want to buy your product or service. So how can you involve yourself or your brand with them. I’d like to hear about how you have engaged your audience.

#2: When you understand more about your target audience you then need to create the product or service that they want.

Now I can appreciate not everyone wants the same thing and at this point you can tailor the end result to their requirements, but before you do that you need to give them what they want.

#3: Develop a feedback and follow up strategy where you can get comments on how you are doing as a business.

How is the product/ service performing?

Without feedback you could keep doing things that they don’t want which in turn could lead them to someone or something that can.

#4: Act upon the feedback and show them that you are listening and taking note of what they are saying.

For example; Kodak made one change to a product by adding a mic jack to one of their HD Pocket Video Cameras (zi6) after they received feedback from Twitter. Kodak worked out the cost and how quickly they could do it, then did it! That product out-sold their competition by 10-1 from one tweet!

Take a look at these 4 suggestions and have a go. Let me know how you get on with them to see how much more engagement you get.

Number 3 can be done in many ways, get creative with it!

Remember; it’s not what you know, or who you know, it’s how well you know them.

Well LinkedIn, you got me but I liked it! #LinkedInBlueRibbonGate

I, along with thousands of others have been sent an email from LinkedIn. Informing us that we are in the Top 1%, 5% or 10% viewed profiles on LinkedIn in 2012 and as you may have seen I shared it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I thought to myself isn’t that nice… Getting a Thank you from such a large organisation for being part of their community.

Somebody mentioned on Twitter that “this is Spam and to be careful“.

After sleeping on it, I feel that this is Social Media.

Social Media is about engaging your audience, getting them involved, making them feel special and that is what LinkedIn has done for thousands of its connections.

#LinkedInBlueRibbonGate – You can see the full story here by Nancy Miller:

Most Social Media is unsolicited, unasked for but we get it anyway. For example when your friend likes someone else status and you see it in your Ticker. You didn’t ask for it, but it was shown to you anyway. Otherwise known as “Social Spam”.

LinkedIn has used the power of its users to help get the word out. They want people to come back to LinkedIn, just like you want people to come back to your Facebook Pages, Websites and Twitter Accounts.

When asked what value being in the upper crust confers on its users, a LinkedIn rep replied that “The practical upside to being the top 1% or 5% is that we believe the more engaged you are on LinkedIn, the better you will be in the job that you currently have, and the better connected when you are seeking a new job.” LinkedIn began practice of congratulating top users for their elect status in March 2011, when it surpassed 100 million users. At that point, Co-Founder Reid Hoffman sent out emails thanking the networks’ first one million members.

Taken from Mashable

So when was the last time you engaged so well with your audience, they shared a part of you or your company with other people?

When did you get them involved in the marketing of your company and most importantly when was the last time you made one of your clients feel special?

You may have heard me talk in my presentations about “the experience” and to get an experience online you need to make people feel, whether it’s good or bad.

LinkedIn has given its users the experience of feeling important and wanting them to be involved even more, which has then spurred the users on to share the news across the Social space.

So there may be sceptics out there with regards to the #LinkedInBlueRibbonGate but LinkedIn have managed to do what most companies cannot. Great Marketing!

Let me know what you think about #LinkedInBlueRibbonGate and if you got an email.

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