How do you get more customers buying, sharing, retweeting, linking in with you, checking in, re-pinning, forwarding, referring and recommending.

Social media at the moment is the marketing technique that all businesses are grabbing with both hands. Everyone wants to know how to utilise it in the best way for their business to get all of the above.

Last year (2012), Koogar has wrote a proposal for a project worth £3,500 by just introducing ourselves on Twitter with 2 tweets, to a company who was being specific and looking for a service Koogar provides. And this is happening more and more often!

This particular company asked for a Web Design company with a certain background. So they were specific in their request and it just so happened that I had personally worked with these types of companies in the past during my career.

The time Koogar spends online is phenomenal. We might as well have a USB plugged into the back of our heads. But time is one of the most precious commodities we have. Once it’s spent we cannot get it back, so how do Koogar use it wisely?

Money makes a man and that’s a crime… If we all were rich we’d spend more time” – Snoop Lion (No Guns Allowed)

The first thing in Marketing you need to know and consistenty work on is who your target audience is. We do not sell to “any body who…” we sell to a particular type of person and as a company we may have 2 or 3 different types of people we sell to depending on the product/service they want.

If you can understand your target audience, you can follow, watch, listen and learn from them and find out what their needs are as needs change on a regular basis.

Being on the right platform at the right time is the most important thing to do. So my question to you is “When and where is your target audience on Social Media?”. Let’s say you’re a catering company you might have two audiences:

  1. Personal (Weddings/Christenings) – These people are going to be in work for most of the day and will check Social Media in the morning before work (730am-8am), lunch time (12pm-2pm) and when at home maybe after tea (6pm-9pm).
  2. Businesses (Gala Dinners/Christmas Parties) – Business owners might well be on Social Media throughout the day or have a team member who looks after everything for them. They may have key times to check emails and updates. Let’s say 11am and 3pm.

Timing is important so think how you use Social Media on a daily basis; personally and for business and then think about how your target audience would use Social Media.

We cannot be relevant to all people all of the time so let’s use our time wisely.

Get social and engage!

Article written for The Edge Magazine (2012)