Christmas Marketing IdeasWe are now nearing the end of November and are looking to hit targets for the end of the month, quarter and year!

So, what else can we do to ensure that we hit our KPI’s for 2017? We all have them, so I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on things you can do to smash your targets!

Here are 19 marketing ideas to keep you going till the end of the year…

  1. Add Christmas to your branding – Make sure people can see that you are getting into the swing of Christmas by bringing in festive imagery, audio and videography where you can. Show them you are getting in the mood.
  2. Share holiday themes updates – Social Media is about being social and a lot of people now start getting everything bought by October! So be in the forefront of their mind when it comes to the people to buy from!
  3. Reward your followers – If they share, like or comment on something reward your followers with something. It’s doesn’t have to have a monetary value, it could be points towards a purchase, an extra 30 minutes FREE. Get creative!
  4. Be helpful – What does your audience need on the run up to Christmas? Ideas and suggestions of what they could or should buy… Be helpful by showing them what you have available.
  5. Launch Christmas Specific Themed Campaigns – This can be put across several different marketing activities like Email Marketing, Facebook Adverts or Twitter Polls. Get your audience in the mood so that you are the first brand they think of when it comes to Christmas.
  6. Go Green with a Digital Portfolio – Don’t just have a printed catalogue ensure that it is digital with links straight to your products, so they can get to them quickly and easily. Remember a lot of your audience works and don’t have much time to be shopping around for things! Make it easy for people to buy from you. Sprinkle a Paypal button here and there…
  7. Create a sense of Urgency – This is about having a specific call to action by telling them they have a certain date and or time that they need to purchase something by before the price goes up or they can’t purchase it after this time!
  8. Host a Christmas Event – Why not invite your clients; past, current and new to a location of your choosing with Mince Pies, Sherry and Carol Singers and a look at your new collections whilst they are there. This is invitation only, so you can ensure the right people are in the room at the right time!
  9. Collaborate – Get together with other businesses that have the same audience as you but don’t do what you do. For example; a clothing store could work wonders if you sell jewellery. If their audience is going to a Christmas event them they may also want something sparkly to go with it!
  10. Christmas theme Competition – How can you work up a frenzy with your followers so that they win something wonderful for Christmas. This doesn’t just have to be a piece of jewellery but could go with a meal for two as well. Push the boat out… It is Christmas after all.
  11. Get personal with Cards and use Snail Mail! – Sending a card in the post is what an older generation love! It makes them feel like you care about them. For the younger generation it could help them remember you are there and that they should pop in on their way past!
  12. Create gift bundles/packages – You have many items that would go well together. Why not create a special package for this Christmas only where you get something else that you would normally go for? This is called the “Amazon Effect” – People who have bought this have also bought this. You are just one step ahead by offering the two together. Black Friday is on its way!
  13. Christmas Decorations and Smells – Christmas shopping makes people feel warm and fuzzy, getting to have some time off to themselves and with the family, treating themselves and others with treats and gifts. Make them feel at home with decorations and smells.
  14. Use Christmas Keywords – Obviously you know the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and keywords in everyday marketing but now is the time you should start using Christmas hashtags so that you can join inn those conversation and start trending alongside other brands. Using them on your website, Facebook, Instagram and twitter!
  15. 12 days of a Giveaway – On the 12th day of Christmas my brand gave to me…. Again, get all eyes on your brand and products so they keep coming back for more!
  16. Have a stand in a Market – Have a stand where you wouldn’t normally have one! Be where your competition isn’t! The footfall is there so you should be too! Even if it’s just about directing people back to the shop and digital showing them on an iPad what you have in store!
  17. Ask for a referral! One referral a year from each of your clients doubles your business over night! You can give them something for a referral, but they should never get it until that new person has purchased.
  18. Create a specific Christmas Landing page – You can add ALL your Christmas offers and gift promotions in one place, making it easier for your audience to buy something quickly instead of trawling the Internet show them the perfect gift they have been looking for!
  19. Customer Christmas Treats – Branding on chocolates, cakes and treats is easier than ever before. Get a batch of cupcakes made and branded so that each purchaser will get one in their bag when they leave.

So, there you go, 19 ideas to help you over the next 32 days to help you get more awareness and sales over the Christmas period!

Do let me know which you decided to go for and what worked for you… Id love to see what you have been up to and how this blog post has helped.