I was asked by a client who attends a WiRE network meeting if I would give a talk on Social Media, as not everyone knows what its and how it can benefit their business.

Obviously Koogar jumped at the chance of speaking as this is something we would like to do at least once a month.

The presentation I delivered was called “How Social Media WILL benefit your business” and we went through what social media is, how you can use it to benefit your business and also went into what you need to do to setup your profiles.

At the end of this talk Koogar was asked to come back and finish off the talk as it over ran due to a large amount of questions being asked by the audience. We have taken up the offer and will be back speaking to WiRE members (Northwich) in March 2010.

If you would like Koogar to give a presentation on Social Media, please contact Amanda on 0844 811 8464.