The Koogar team attended the Wealth from Marketing seminar this weekend in London which was put on by ThinkBig.

Before we actually got there we were asked by 5 different people “Why are you going to a marketing seminar when you do marketing?

The answer to this question is “because marketing is an on going element to all businesses, we have to keep up with an ever changing world . Most importantly we love to learn new things about our industry which again is ever changing.

Nothing ever stays the same, things always move and if Koogar doesn’t move with it, then we will be left behind and we want to be in the forefront!

This question relates to one of our other blog posts about Health and Wellness: Keep Learning. Whatever business your in, your industry has changed in some way. Even if you went to a seminar or attended a workshop and heard one new way of doing things then its worth it! Every business and business owner wants to be the best that they can be and this is the way to do it!

What we are taking away from this weekend is:

  1. Delegate!
  2. Create a meaningful marketing plan
  3. Anything is possible if you take action
  4. Learning and education is how you keep your company fresh and up-to-date

The reason we attended this event is because I recently read a book I bought from Oxfam called Guerrilla Marketing Excellence written by Jay Conrad Levinson and its the best marketing book I have read to date. When we saw that Jay was speaking in London we took up the opportunity straight away!

We left London with a pad full of notes and new ideas, not just for Koogar but also for our clients too and all we are going to do is TAKE ACTION! When was the last time you attended a seminar or workshop that is relevant to your industry?