Today’s Marketing Monday is about… Time and how to use it wisely!


Hi guys. Amanda here from Koogar.

Today is Marketing Monday (watch over on the Koogar Facebook Page), my second one, and I thought I would talk to you about time. Recently, I’ve been speaking to a couple that I met last week, last Thursday. We talked about working with me with regards to marketing their business, marketing who they are, what they do, and how they do it. One of the things that popped up is that the gentleman that I was with was saying that he hasn’t got enough time.

Today, the reason why Marketing Monday Facebook Live is a little bit late is because I went networking this morning. I went networking, and in the end, I actually delivered a presentation, 14 ways on growth and expansion for your business. Obviously, there’s a few bits of marketing in there. I put myself forward because the lady who was supposed to turn up and deliver the presentation hadn’t turned because of the snow and the weather. I did that this morning, and that’s why I’m late.

But, the reason why I wanted to talk to you today was about time because the people in the room when I went networking today, they were talking about time, that they haven’t got enough time.

So, do you feel the same way?

Do you feel like you’ve not got enough hours in the day? Do you feel like you’re juggling so much that whether it’s a family, whether it’s a business partner, whether it’s a clients, actually doing the work itself, you juggling all of this kind of stuff and you just haven’t got time to market yourself?

Well, one of the things that I talk about, if you haven’t heard me speak already, is about working like you’re going on holiday. So, we are just about to go on holiday. We’re about to break up for Christmas period. We’re about to close the office, and you’re probably doing the same. You’re going to take some time off over Christmas, hopefully. And the time that you do take off over Christmas is time that you’re going to be spending with family, friends, speaking to people that you haven’t seen for a while, spending quality time with the people that you want to spend quality time with.

But, time is really important, and there’s two factors to time. There’s wasting your own time, which is potentially some of us do, and there is also having others waste our time. Now, to me, time is precious. To me, you can’t get time back. This is for everybody. And, how you use your time is very important. If somebody wastes my time, do you know what? I can’t tell, I get so frustrated and so annoyed. If I walk up to a meeting expecting them to be there and they don’t turn up, and that happened to me at the weekend, really annoying, just angers me. It just takes a text message, or a phone call, or an email, whatever it is that’s easier to let that person know.

Anyway, to save your time, because that’s what today’s about, to save your time, it’s about thinking about going on holiday. We’ve all been on holiday. We’ve all been somewhere, whether it’s either to the beach or we’re going to break up for Christmas now, we’ve all been on holiday. So what I want you to think about is when you do go on holiday, the week running up to that holiday, you have made a mammoth list of things for you to do, everything that you need to get done before you pack, everything that you need to be done whilst you’re packing, what needs to go in your case so you don’t forget things, passports, all of that kind of stuff.

What I want you to think about is when you think that you haven’t got enough time, you need to work out what you’re actually doing. Are you busy doing nothing? Are you busy faffing around? Are you on Facebook? A lady said to me today she is a really good procrastinator, so she will spend her time finding other things to do instead of the things that she should be doing, the things that she knows that she should be doing.

What I want you to think about is when you haven’t got enough time, work like you’re going on holiday every single day. Because when you go on holiday, you tend to get the majority of stuff, if not everything, done. You write that list down. You make sure that you’ve got enough time, and you work like a Trojan. Yeah? Do you agree? So when you do that, you actually get stuff done.

What tends to happens in business is that we have got the distraction of a telephone, a mobile phone, text messages, people knocking at the door and dropping off Christmas presents, whatever it may be, the phone ringing, new clients, and that’s not a distraction, but it’s something that takes your mind away from your actually doing. And actually, when you’re working on a particular thing and you’re really focused on that thing, it takes you a little while. Once you’ve been distracted, it takes you 10, 15, maybe 30, 45 minutes later for you to get back into that mindset. So, what I want you to do is concentrate on one thing at a time, but also work like you’re going on holiday tomorrow. So come 5 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 7 o’clock, whatever time you start work or finish work, work like you’re going on holiday tomorrow.

So, what are those things that you have to get done today? What are the most important things? And don’t make a list that is like 30 things long. You know, what are the top five, six things that you have to get done that you cannot leave, it has to be done? Make sure that you get those done for that day. These are what I call H.P.A’s, high payoff activities. Things are things that get my back focused.

Today, I’m sat at my desk. I’m not, usually. I’m usually downstairs delivering the Facebook live, but today, I’m sat at my desk, and I have a big calendar on my desk. In front of me, it gives every single day of what I’m actually doing on those days. It tells me what I’ve got to achieve. So, what are you doing when it comes to marketing? Because one of the things that people say is that they haven’t got enough time, but they actually don’t know how much time that thing is going to take them. They think it’s potentially going to be five minutes. Nothing is ever five minutes. You’ve got to take your mind away from what you’re currently doing, get in the process of what you wanting to do, do that work, deliver it, work on it, do it, test it, check it, send it. Then, you sit for a bit and then say, “Right, what is my next task?”

Nothing really ever takes five minutes, and the things that do take five minutes, or under five minutes, just do them straight away.

Don’t procrastinate. Don’t wait. Just get on and do it.

What I want you to concentrate on today, I want everybody to concentrate on … You’ve got two weeks, less than two weeks till Christmas. We’ve got this week and next week, and then a couple of days after that. There’s not much, depending on when you’re breaking up, so there’s not much time. What is it that you want to get done by the end of this year? By the end of Christmas? What jobs do you want to complete? What housework do you want to do before you actually break up? Who do you need to contact before you close for Christmas? Is there clients that you need to speak to and say, “Would you like, instead of doing something before Christmas, maybe in between Christmas, if you work in between Christmas, or after? You know, what are doing first, second, third week of January?” Try and get those things that you have to do done.

Don’t, as I said, don’t create this massive list that’s going to take you forever because list, you know, they’re great. Sometimes I add things on to that list so I can just tick it off and cross it off anyway, because I like ticking, crossing, and showing myself that I’ve done stuff. However, it’s not best use of your time. What I want you to think about is you’re going on holiday every single day. You choose the destination. You choose whether it’s where you live, if you’re going to shops, if you’re just having a staycation or you’re going to go away to, I don’t know, Bermuda, or Thailand, or where it is, just pretend, but just make sure that you’re concentrating on your H.P.As, high payoff activities, okay?

The final thing I would like to leave you with is that the Marketing Masterclasses, they start in January, on the eighth of January. You’ve still got a couple of days until the price goes up. So, the price goes up on the 22nd of December. If you pay before the 22nd of December, you will get the whole year for £150. That works out £12.50 per session. So I’m going to do a live master class on 12 different subjects. I’m going to pop the link below so you can see it. 12 different subjects.

During that time, during that month, you are able to join our Facebook group. You will also have access to a membership site as well. So if you can’t make the day, it’s going to be recorded anyway. I’m going to record it for you, and I’m going to give you extra resources, and extra bits and pieces that you need to be doing, exercises, things to think about to action that thing that we’ve talked about that month, because what I want you to do is going to more from your marketing.

A lot of people worry about time. They worry about what other people are going to say. They haven’t got anybody to keep you accountable. And if you know who I am, I will make sure that you do your homework. I need you to make sure that you do your homework because whatever is important to you, whether it’s growth of the business, more hits to the website, more people knowing people who you are, more likes on Facebook, more business generally, a better message, understanding who your customer is. All of these different kinds of things, they all help you get to where you want to be.

I’ll pop the link in, and just remember, work on your H.P.A’s, high payoff activities, okay? You’re going on holiday tomorrow.

What do you need to get done?

Thanks, and I’ll see you next week. Take care.

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