A Business Owner messaged me on Facebook last week with a question to ask for some help… So I have created a video where I give you 3 reasons why you would get deflated or frustrated with your marketing.

Here is what she said –

Hi Amanda… I was wondering whether you could help in some way…

I am really struggling on marketing and advertising my new studio, workshops and courses. I am feeling a bit deflated and frustrated. I can’t be bothered with it I feel like no one is interested in my business. So I am giving up?

I don’t know why I am getting like this… But if I don’t start getting myself ‘out there’ then I feel like I am going to lose my business and I don’t want to.

Do you have any tips/advice?

I want to understand how to get myself out there and why I feel like I can’t do this side of the business? I just want to sit, make and teach.

Hope to hear from you soon…

Video is 9 minutes 51 seconds

Do these 3 things and your marketing WILL become easier!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter… Please leave a comment, a thought or start a discussion.

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