Functionality of TwitterYou’ve possibly heard talk about “The DEATH of Twitter” and how long it will be around for?

Even though Twitter still has a major thriving community of users.

 – Yes, there is a lot of information in your news feed all at once

 – Yes, you cannot take it all in and WILL miss most of it

 – BUT! You are able to join into other people’s conversations freely

To me, twitter still has its place in the social world, even though it hasn’t made many changes of late because you can do a lot with it!

Here are 4 of the best functions twitter has to offer you and how you should take full advantage of them;

Advanced Search

Search is an everyday part of our lives now, whether that is on our phones, google, computers, tablets, etc. Twitters’ advanced search is perfect for marketers. If you are looking for customers, you can and if you want to measure sentiment or happiness of customers you can do that too!

Twitter Advanced Search

Searching tweets for keywords and phrases is what advance search was built for and they don’t have to be hashtags!

There are over 11 search segments that you can filter against on Twitter. Here are 7:

  • Contains all of these words
  • From these accounts
  • Positive tone
  • Question
  • Include retweets
  • Written in – a language
  • Near – certain place / geolocation

Other filters include media, @ referencing people/brands, negative attitudes and more!

You can find most popular tweets which could help with your content creation, monitor mentions, filter out competitors as well as search their tweets and find news about your company.

View questions only about your products or services. There is a ton of market research you can do using twitters advanced search.

In my opinion, twitters advance search after google is one of the best around!


Hashtags started on Twitter in 2007 to differentiate a message that was being sent and everyone seems to have taken them in as part of their social platform.

Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags allow people to search for anything and everything associated with it. By adding hashtags to your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and so on you are able to have your content seen as your updates become searchable and more discoverable than ever before.

Looking at the news feed for a hashtag specifically will show you the depth and breadth that others have used it for.

By placing this symbol in front of a word or a phrase on social media will turn the word or phrase into a metadata tag. There can be no symbols like / or – in-between the words as this will break the hashtag up.

Have a look at #marketing, #socialmedia or a product or service you deliver to see what comes up.

4 don’ts for hashtags:

  1. DON’T hashtag everything
  2. DON’T make the word or phrase too long
  3. DON’T be clever with it… Allow people to spell it
  4. DON’T have more hashtags than words


A Twitter List is a curated group of twitter accounts and lists are the best way to collate specific tweets in one news stream.

Twitter Lists

You can create your own lists which can be either public (where anyone can follow you) or private (only you have access to it).

You should think of lists as categories, labels or folders for your followers and customise them based on a keyword, interest or sector. Something recognisable to you and them.

People can automatically add you to lists and put you in a place where they can see what you are up to regularly, this is the ultimate way to segment tweets. So instead of looking at your news feed and getting over whelmed, you can create lists based on different topics, people, sectors or industry’s (whatever you like) and follow so you can see tweets regularly.

Great for running events to see who uses your hashtag(s), create a client base (which would be private) so you can see what they are talking about and to put experts, inspiration or motivators into one place so you get that kind of content at once.

Please ensure that if you have a public list the name is a good one as people can see them and will be notified that you have added them to it! You never want to get caught out!


When you are logged into Twitter, visit the following page – and you will find a full analytics suite showing you if your tweets are engaging, which are the most popular, how many profile visits you have had, mentions, etc.

Twitter Analytics

But not only this it can more in depth into your audience on Twitter by Gender, Location and Language. Possibly information you haven’t seen before or have looked at.

This functionality in twitter shows you what content resonates with your followers and what you should be sharing more of. Understanding the content, you have shared that has had the most engagement allows you to share more of the same to get your audience to give you the retweets and favourites that you are after!

Analytics also shows you the best days you should tweet and when people are most likely to be on twitter to see your tweets which all comes from your own account NOT based on “Social Media Gurus” thoughts of when everyone should be posting.

Get to know your followers based on their demographics is great because the way you talk to a 20-year-old is different to how you would talk to a 50-year-old person. Obviously, you want to treat them both with respect but their understanding of the whole, life, brands, products, etc WILL be different.

Finally, you are able to see you if Twitter Ads are working. Have you tried advertising on Twitter yet? The best part about this is you can test your tweets to see if they are getting engagement BEFORE you promote it as an Ad!

I have only scratched the surface of the functionality you can use within Twitter but these are by far for me the best 4 available to you! There are a few more functionalities you can use within Twitter that you could take full advantage of like the Moments.

Review this functionality and see how it changes your way of Tweeting!