North West Womens Enterprising Day LogoIve written a guest blog for Northwest Women’s Enterprising Day as this year I have been selected to run 2 sessions called “Create a beautiful experience on and offline” during the event (21st November 2014).

You can buy your ticket on Eventbrite. I have attended for the last 4 years and its a great and inspiring event! I hope to see you there so do coming along to one or both of my sessions!

Guest Blog by Amanda Dodd

Social media is the new and shiny object that marketing magpies are going after, but it’s not the answer to marketing. To a point it’s the glue that binds everything together but you do need other things to be wrapped around it.

Print, advertising and direct mail are all still necessary but we have to be a little cleverer to use them in a way that we can track the response we get from them. Giving calls to action at each point in time ensuring people make the next move. I know you may have tried it in the past but I just want you to look at it again from a different perspective.

Standing out from the crowd is every business’s objective as well as getting more customers but when we follow fashion all we are doing is blending in and our customers “to be” will not know the difference! So how do we make it easier for people to find us and know we are the right business for them?

Simple, create a beautiful experience on and offline!

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