Last Friday was spent in the company of Liverpool based Artists.

From Photographers, to Jewellery Makers and Painters. Even Digital Visual Artists attended the workshop. The reason why they attended was because they wanted to learn more about selling their work, bring more awareness to what they do and understand which platform they should be on.

Dot Art LogoIt was a pleasure to train these Artists for Dot Art. It took me back to when I was in College; life drawing, learning about photography, etching, soldering in metal workshop and Art History.

Love it and every now and again during the workshop I wished I was back in college; getting my hands covered in paint, or glue from making something for a week long brief from our tutors…

Being creative in business is for everyone, not just for artists or designers. As creatives and business owners we need to work out how to do things differently compared to other companies and competitors within our industries.

At Koogar HQ we are creating all the time; for ourselves and our clients, which is actually one of Koogars mission statements.

Koogar will be creatively producing:

  • Products
  • For our clients
  • People

Delivering this workshop ticked this box. We have 4 mission statements and whatever we do we make sure 3 out of 4 are ticked! By having these statements helps us be the best we can be for ourselves and the people we work with.

I have a personal project which I am one step closer to with the help from Lucy (owner of Dot Art). When the project starts it will be photographed and filmed along the way.

I would like to thank Dot Art for giving us the opportunity to work with their Artists and help them sell their Art in the latest way using technology and Social Media. It has inspired me to be even more creative, take more time over work and think about what we are putting out there for our clients.

When was the last time you were creative in business?