Email Signatures - How do you display yours?Email signatures are essential let’s be honest! How you present them is very important. It’s not just about adding everything you possibly can to the bottom of your email in hope that the recipient is going to read it all.

Now, there is a lot of talk about having an image email signature verses a text one but you have many things to take into consideration, for example; who is looking at your emails, how are they looking at them (i.e. Which device are they using) and how are they using the information within the email?

The “Who” – Are they business people who have an office or are they out and about? Or consumers who look at email at lunch times? Are the platforms they will be using are all different?

The “How” – If they are business people then they will probably have a smart mobile that they will receive their emails on. However, consumers have different mobiles where some can see emails, some just Facebook or some that are not smart phones at all!

Most email clients, i.e. Outlook, Gmail, etc. do not display images within the email unless you have specifically asked it to do so. If your readers are looking at your email on their smart phone then can that smart phone see your images? Some can and some can’t, again without clicking a button first.

Smart phones allow instant access to telephone numbers, links and other content with just a simple click. If your company information is within an image it’s not so easy for the user to contact you at the click of a button. Business owners are now able to check not just their emails on their phone but also spread sheets, word documents and more.

When singing off, think about the following:

  1. Don’t over fill your signature with all of your details, just enough to let the other person know how to contact you
  2. Think about the size of the image your about to put in there and does it really have to be there?
  3. Check how your email signature looks on a mobile phone. Does it fit or does it wrap? Can you see the image without have to accept them?
  4. Look at having just a text version so its quicker to load for the reader and maybe add an image in there when you have a special offer on

Make sure your email signature is simple and creative at the same time. Is the information in there that you would need if you are contacting you?

And finally, is it you? Add a little personality and fun, but not lots of quotes, just enough information to make the reader take action by either replying, clicking on your YouTube link or calling you straight away.

Less is always more!