Stadium SellOne new aspect which members enjoyed was the Supplier “Stadium” Selling where invited suppliers were given the opportunity to “pitch” their product to members. First up was JSN Jewellery’s exciting launch of Canada Star Diamonds of Excellence, a new diamond brand exclusively for Houlden members.

Canadian diamonds are widely regarded as the best in the world and every Canada Star diamond is certificated to authenticate its Canadian and eco-friendly origin. Other well informed pitches were provided by Fossil portfolio of Fashion Watches, Domino, Bulova and Tivon. Those same suppliers were able to report a very encouraging response from members.

Inspirational speakers set the tone for the Meeting – Amanda Daniels from Koogar used Fat Boy Slim’s “Right Here Right Now” to open her social networking presentation. If the consumer market is changing in respect of technology, fashion, lifestyle, so the industry has to adapt to seize those business opportunities and be in the right place at the right time.