What do we currently know?

We know that we are in a recession and businesses start to tighten up on a few things. Marketing and Training are the first things to go out of the window, would you agree?

These are two things we don’t think we need to keep on top of while money is tight and other things rise on our “To Do Lists”, like the work!

Recently attended a seminar and the Council spokes person mentioned that companies who do not Market their companies or Train their staff when in a recession can potentially go under.

At Koogar, I’m keeping up to date with training on Digital Marketing as I will be flying to Amsterdam tomorrow night. I’m attending the iStrategy Conference which is about Global Digital Marketing and how to monetize it.

iStrategy is an inspirational, two-day, digital media conference for senior executives who believe that the success of their business requires a sound digital strategy. More about the event

Knowledge isnt power, its what you do with the knowledge!

I have wanted to attend this for a while and I believe I’ll come back with lots of new knowledge and ideas that I will share with you once I’m back and have digested it all.

So, one thing to help keep your company going through these tough times is to train yourself as well as staff members so you and  they can handle enquires, customers, and products in the right way showing your company in the right light!

What could you learn today?