I don’t know about you, but I do a lot of networking as this is how I get business for Koogar. Meeting new people at different events and locations around the Northwest is a great way to speak to and find potential clients.

In the tail end of last year I met a person who says “I do the same thing as you…“.

Have you ever met people who say that to you?

How can another company do the same thing as your company as all businesses are different:

  • different way of producing work
  • different quality of work
  • different experience within their field
  • use different products/software
  • are able to sell to different types of people/businesses
  • have different products
  • and so on…

There are a lot of factors that are not the same… and most importantly Koogar’s USP is different.

I feel at Koogar we walk the talk and deliver what our clients need and want to attract new clients/customers.

However recently we have been subject to what is called a Professional Business Stalker. Its a bit of a grand name for what this person actually does…

Just wondered… Have you ever experienced this? If you have what have you done to deal with the person involved… If you haven’t what would you do in my shoes?

Passing yourself off as another company must be illegal… surely…

When networking, don’t tell people you do the same thing as someone else as you probably don’t. You should have your own USP, target clients and pricing structure… but what cant be helped is if your a step ahead of your competition.

We would love to hear from you and your thoughts.