Listening Time – 35 minutes and 4 seconds

You (and I) are not taking ENOUGH action in our marketing and this is for a number of reasons! This podcast talks through some of the things that Business Owners and Marketing Managers think about and have talked about during their sessions with regards to WHY they haven’t or don’t take action on their marketing.

Does doing one job in the business take you SO LONG, which makes feel like you are getting nowhere and that no one wants you or what you do?

In this podcast Amanda will give you 7 tips on changing your in-action to more ACTION and getting rid of the mind gremlins!

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Topics covered in ITI0005:

  1. Click to read the 9 reasons why you are NOT taking action
  2. Buy the "The Big Leap" book from Amazon by Gay Hendricks
  3. Buy the "The Jelly Effect" book from Amazon by Andy Bounds