Listening Time – 28 minutes and 58 seconds

Welcome to the first of many Podcasts with Koogar. Integrate to Influence or ITI for short will be talking all things marketing with some business thrown in for good measure.

This Podcast is an interview with Nicola Mullarkey who is The Honest Recruiter who will be sharing great tips in taking on your first person, whether that is in part-time, full-time or freelance employment.

Grab a cuppa or press play on your app and enjoy!

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Topics Covered in ITI0001:

  1. What are YOUR Core Values - what are they?
  2. How to know what you want your new team member to do?
  3. What do you hate doing, What are you not keen on?
  4. Making sure your new Team Member is on track?
  5. Review with your new team member
  6. Do your values line up with your new person?
  7. Have they got the right ATTITUDE?
  8. How do you attract the RIGHT people to your business?
  9. Effective Interview Techniques

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