As many of you will now be aware, from our last Marketing Tip, email marketing is an extremely efficient, manageable and cost-effective way to market your product or service.  It enables you to measure the success rate of a campaign so you know just how effective it is and whether it is a form of marketing you should continue to use. 

Important aspects to remember when sending emails are to:

  • Always include a ‘Subject.’
  • Add email addresses in BCC so no-one can see them and then add them to their database!
  • Most importantly, ensure you have their permission to email them!

Koogar offers an email marketing service, whereby we liaise with you to create an email template, which is both effective in its design as well as its message.  We now have a new microsite dedicated to the email marketing service we provide.  It contains several pages that guide you through what email marketing is, the benefits for your business, the process of setting up your campaign as well as the price.

So why not be one of the first to visit the site and see if email marketing is the right step for your business.  And remember, Koogar offers a 1 hour FREE consultation for you before you make any final decisions!