This week I have been continuing with the Koogar Comic Strip project. Today I drew four more frames in my  sketchpad  using pencils and  began creating a new digital version of comic strip frame C, which depicts Miss Koogar shaking hands with the client. One of these four frames conveyed the fulfilment of the  clients proposal requirements. Two  more of the frames  depicted  success stories from Koogar clients. The  last  was a newly improved version the email scene. the frame needed improving as it do not share the same standard of communication as previous frames have done. This had to be amended.


Today I continued working on frame C in Photoshop. To draw MissKoogar I first got an old jpeg image of  MissKoogar. I cut it up to fit the new pose and then in a new layer drew her new composition. I had to adjust the hands a little to give them some more definition, which I felt  the image was lacking. I managed to complete this frame in digital form.

I started working on frame I in Photoshop  today, which shows MissKoogar sending an email to a client. A large portion of this was just creating graphics on the computer screen. I had to amplify the scale the graphics to emphasize the most relevant features.  Such as the email addressed to a “” and the email title “website proposal”. I added large flying envelope icon which with the word “sending” beneath it. These images and words synonyms with the concept of email.  All contributing towards the communication value of the frame.