Today I was pleased  to complete the last stages of the images were Miss Koogar is modelling the new company t-shirt. I added a few extra folds into the t-shirt to express the heavy fabric in the images. The dark tones were added to the t-shirts, which gave Miss Koogar her full figure back and emphasized the direction that the body faces in each pose. After that, I made the final adjustments to Koogar; firming up the line and checked her top to tail for any flaws and inconsistencies.

I used the remainder of the day to begin working on the new comic strip project. I gathered a large amount of refernce material for the new project and drafted out a few ideas on paper.


Today I continued working on the comic strip project, doing it the old-fashioned way with a pad and pencil. I drew a collection of frames for comic strip that depicted scenes involving the interactions between Koogar and their clients. I styled this initial group of frames to be nondescript and minimal for functional purposes. The images in the comic strip strictly  focus on the actions and gestures made by the characters, hence the minimal detailing. As the Koogar comic strip project progresses more groups frames will be produced which may be significantly more detailed.