I created the Koogar twitter bird and gave it a round, bulbous form with a large head to make it look cute. I completed the image to the bird today, the Miss Koogar images took a lot longer to design, produce and render, so I was pleased to have this done. I worked a quite a lot on colour matching especially on the various layers I had imported from previous images, finding equivalent tones which gel together.

It was decided that Koogar’s eyes needed to change from green to blue I colour matched the eye layers and adjust the Hue/Saturation levels accordingly. Blue eyes are better suited to the Koogar brand. Amanda thought the blue eyes were  looking a little too much of a dark shade so I softened the colours and the contrast to make the eyes appear brighter.


I created another image of Koogar  in a new pose this week. She is standing at a forty-five degree angle and pointing to her right. She still needs the dark tones and shading added but the image is coming along nicely. I have taken a couple of parts from previous images of Koogar which are different sizes, so this new image needed to have a lot of thew pieces resized. The image will prove useful when the Miss Koogar character is acting as a guide on the web site, directing viewers where to go and what to do.

Thanks for reading, Matt.