Today I made some alterations to Koogar’s new clothes, making them a little baggier here and there and added in little more detail.

The cats now have a shadows!  To stick the shadows onto Koogar images I outlined the figures with the selection tool and filled the area with a medium grey. I grabbed hold of the layer with the transform tool and slanted the shadow area to the left, then reduced it’s height. It now looks like Koogar’s shadow is on the floor  where  it should be and not standing behind her like ghoul.

After the images were both were finished and complete I added a 9pt stroke around the outer line of each figure. I copied all of visible layers, rasterized and flattened them into one, so I could add one continuous line around them as a unified composition.

The Koogar twitter bird has begun to take shape on computer now has wings, a body, a tail and a Koogar style head. The Koogar twitter bird is cross between a cougar-cat (Koogar) and a blue bird (which is the Twitter logo). I it’s looking quite cute so far and I hope Amanda and Andy will like it too!