I was working from home again today. I’ve been a lot making alterations and new additions to the original image I drew of Koogar sitting down.

I removed the fur from the hands to give her a little more femininity …and avoid any “Sasquatch like” similarities.

Koogar is supposed to be wearing a belt, which is yet to be seen so I added that in. I have been trying to keep to a very limited colour scheme consisting of only three base colours with just a handful of tonal variants from each. In keeping with the colour scheme, I chose a solid black tone to distinguish it from the charcoal coloured trousers.

Another alterations I made when I resized and then reshaped the left foot to sync it in better with the right. I gave her the tail a quick bit of lipo-suction, reducing its width as well the weight of the line encompassing the tail. Koogar’s left foot did not completely match the right foot. Aside from being a little larger than the other foot it was much too angular, the composition was over pronounced. This needed to be amended, so I reshaped it into a more organic form, which bore a much closer resemblance to Koogar’s right foot

The image is not at the point of adding the shading and tonal depth just yet but Koogar was looking a little too much on the flat side. She needed something more to bring her forward. I drew some linear work, suggestive depth and shape to remedy the condition, still keeping a simplistic style but reducing the look of vacant space.

Some of the colours of the have been refined such as the eyes and belt buckle. The buckle was temporarily a garish blue to make it stand out so as I had a better view of the overall composition. Like the buckle, Koogar’s irises were looking too much of harsh colour. I changed them to a fern green which looks much more natural.

This is the first digital image of Koogar and will serve as good a reference and model for all following digital work. It has already come in very useful today when, working on another digital image of Koogar at a different angle. One of the things that I really like about doing this type of work is that the deeper you get into the project the smoother the project runs.