I was working in Koogar, on site for the first time today. In the morning I was adjusting one of the more human like designs of Koogar. She was looking a little too casual to fit the company image, so I drew Koogar in more formal attire. Dressed in a long sleeve button shirt and another dress image of her in dressed in a suit jacket.

It was decided that Koogar was to have paws to emphasize the animal side to her so Amanda and I developed a big-cat paw with the dimensions of a human foot. This was a straightforward enough task, which though adapting the pad pattern on the soles of the feet fit the proportions of a human foot was not quite as easy.

Amanda and I have been talking about possibly animating Koogar.  Drawing her at different angles gives you a reference to work from, making it easier to animate her. Having multiple angles of Koogar eliminates the static nature of the character in the form of a still image. This way potential clients viewing the web site will not get bored from the repartition of the same image.

All of Friday’s pictures were scanned in, ready to turned and to digital versions. One of which is well on its way to the finished article.