Matt Buchanan is an Illustration and Animation student who is coming to work with Koogar on a Work placement. He has a certain style that we like and have asked him to work with on various different projects. We are looking forward to working with Matt as we know what we want and what he is capable of.

Read more below as Amanda interview Matt to find out a little more about him

My full name is Matthew Josh Buchanan, I live on the Wirral and was born in Arrow Park Hospital, but have also lived in Derby as I went to University for 3 years but stayed for a further year.

I completed a BA Hons Degree in illustration for Animation using digital composition, animating characters using flash starting simple and progressing onto After Effects and Final Cut Pro. We weren’t given tight briefs as we were given encouragement to develop our own styles.

My inspiration are people like Patrick Coldfield – I like the use of colour and bold lines and Edward Hopper – with him I like the use of light and the Night Hawks project.

My ideal job would be to be working in the creative industry, being given a lot of freedom to do what I want with the requirements from a client. I enjoy creating characters and bringing them to life and also creating worlds for the characters. I could work in the gaming industry but I’m not technically trained.

I found out about this opportunity through Jo Turner. It sounded exciting and something t enjoy to get more experience. Eventually I want to get paid for a job I love doing.

I want to work within a team working in collaboration with other people bouncing ideas, also Koogar wants something specific but its also loose enough to do what I want.

The type of person I want to be is disciplined, produce very good work. I don’t want to be rushed. I’m good with ideas which helps me be more productive. I want to produce meaningful pieces of work and generally be a good person. I don’t like wasting time! I like to spend every minute doing something.

Bite the bullet” is a quote I live by. Embarrassing your fears and get on with something you want to do… Don’t leave it too long, just get on and do it.

Koogar is excited to be working with Matt over the next 3 months. Im sure youll give him a warm welcome if you meet him.