Hi there!

Just to say a big thank you to people who came to the event, we hope you found both topics interesting and the forum as a whole beneficial to your own businesses.

Both ourselves and Azzure Marketing are extremely pleased with how it all went.  Both talks went into detail about completely different areas of marketing, but complemented each other well, posing a lot of thought provoking questions.  We have received a lot of positive feedback about the forum we held.  Many people now know what their next business step has to be, which is great!

We hope everyone has taken something from this morning’s event away with them that they can utilise within their business, whether it be branding, ensuring you keep your marketing plans updated or simply to be proud of your business card!

Don’t forget!  We’re also hosting a Marketing Workshop on Wednesday 26th May, which will use the whole day to look at what your business is doing now, what you want it to be doing next year and everything in between.  We’ll be going into more detail about the workshop very soon and will keep you all updated.

Until then…happy marketing!