Setting goals within your business is a great way of staying focused. 

Concentrating and being highly focused on what you want to achieve from your business will always see you striving for a goal; good motivation for any business, whether start up or established.

By properly channelling your motivation, energy, ideas and drive you will succeed in any goals you have set yourself.

The goals you set for your business should not be unachievable, but attainable, especially for start up businesses.  By setting smaller goals at first which you can achieve you can build up confidence within the business and then begin to aim higher and higher, ensuring the goal is always reached.

So, instead of saying “I’m going to make a profit of £250,000 this year,” try setting a goal along the line of “I’m going to sell 50 widgets per week.”  By setting this kind of goal, you are aiming for at least 50 per week, meaning any more is a bonus, which you’ll feel great about when you achieve higher.

This kind of focus is incredibly important, for any company, as it represents the drive and ambition behind the business.